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Duh what?

Last night, Mikey came obviously. I gots a nice pwesent. We didn't do much, cept watch tv. Tomorrow's nan's birthday so...

Today has, fairly evenly, sucked and been awesome.

It's sucked cause this morning I felt shit at the course thing. But what sucked more is what happened later. I left my wallet on the bus back. So that's £35, my bank card, my Game card and my Lostprophets wallet gone. I tried calling up today but the line was busy and I had to go. I hope everything's still there.

I'm calling again tomorrow, hopefully it'll be at the lost and found (in Cannock not Wolverhampton cause the depot's there).

I suck so much.

We still went to Birmingham though. Mikeysaur was nice and got me a few things. I only had a box of minis (with a cool Shyrack [which looks cool and mantis/bird-like] and other ones I wanted), a pack of Doctor cards (which was a waste I guess cause I only needed one), I had a box of odd Clone Wars cards, (there was also a random pack of pocketmodels in our bag from fuck knows where... it even had a tag in it and didn't go off once), we got Happy Meal Ewoks and a random badge. I'm short of Kerrang still though, which makes me tetchy. Especially since the one poster's hot and Beckett's topless in another pic.

We had a Mcdonalds and a look round before the signing. the queue was so fucking tiny. There were about ten people in front of us and only about twenty behind when we went in. There's no pics with me, cause I suck and want to get one's next week. They were really nice. Before we went to get signed, James was bobbing his head madly. Crazy man. Rhys didn't say anything oddly. When Gareth asked if we were going to the show, I said we were going to London instead and Matthew started bouncing and said that was awesome and the 'right choice' or something like that. He was so hyper. He's my new favourite, taking over from Gareth. They were awesome. I'll probably write something with em causa it.

After that we went for another wander around. We saw the Bullet calendar, whichis so guh. But poor Moose only gets one.

We're now back, obviously. Ready to go on Pokemon, watch tv (inculding Little Britain USA and Ugly Betty).

Tomorrow, when I'm out, Mikey'll be online looking for the first two Clone Wars eps. I wants now. So much.
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