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For one scary moment there was Bullet For My Valentine in one ear and Steps in the other

Today's been ok. Cept I was late causa the damn buses.

I got my unicorn, book and some card. Yu-Gi-Oh cards. I don't understand it, but there were two tins full of cards (with roughly at least 100 in each) for only 1.25 each. So I got them and I'll look through em later. Not understanding anything. I also got another dress.

Work was quiet cause everything's already been sorted.

This morning my Star Wars book came. I've had a quick look through to glance at the pictures. There's a very sexy one of Kit during the Battle Of Mon Calamari. That wasn't the sole purpose for getting it... honest. The book's about the Force, which isn't exactly my favourite Star Wars topic but... I want the whole Essential Guides set. I can't wait for the Atlas next year. That'll be so awesome!

I might ask mum for the new Star Wars encyclopedia. It's £50 so it'd be the main thing I'd get, but it's three massive books so it'll be better then the first. The essential guides are all better then the first was. I'd like to be able to look at it before being sure though.

Mikey's on his way and should be here by 5 or 6. Hopefully.

Tomorrow will be The Blackout signing. I've got £25 for the day. I'm not sure what I'll get. Depends if we go to both Forbidden Planets. Maybe more minis, figures or an Apocalyptica album. If figures, I hope there's some Build-A-Droid ones cheapish. Especially the Lancer droid or Ewoks.

Heroes last night was great. Now Sylar can't die! And he doesn't eat brains... so what does he do exactly? And why's Ando evil? Hiro was amusing... and a bit stupid.

Yay! My dragons hatched! I called them Padge and Jay.

Everyone can do that thing I posted last night.
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