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A sustained pattern of infection

Today's now meh. Just meh.

The day part's been ok. Tomorrow I'm gonna pay for the book and stuff I've put behind. I found a unicorn today so that's mine. Two people asked if my lip ring hurt and one said I was 'a perfeect gentlemen'. Odd.

I watched the last of Millennium last night. Part's of those last two ep's depressed me. In other words, all the one's with Emma's dad.

I also managed a fic last night after shower.

So now I'm alone.

I'm not bothering to come home early tomorrow, unless I'm sent or my head gets bad. I'm also not hoping for anything either.

I got more pocketmodels today. The pack includes the Sail Barge, though the stand's broke so I have to find superglue for it. I kinda wished I'd got Anakin's set not Obi-Wan's.

I don't know what I'll be doing tonight. Something boring no doubt.
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