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Ray's New Whore

Ray's New Whore
Pairing: Bob Bryar/Ray Toro
Rating: NC-17
POV: Bob
Warnings: Toys
Notes: Sequel to Secret Places (there may be another sequel after this one)

I sighed to myself, laying back on the warm hotel bed. I was lucky to have gotten the single room tonight. I was also glad of it. I was horny as fuck and with gerard and Bert's petty feud I couldn't get laid. I parted my legs slightly, trailing a hand down my stomach. All I had was a rubber dildo Bert gave me as a gift, but I prefered someone else to use it on me. And also I'd rather there was a promise of cock along the line too.

I slipped a finger into my pussy, moaning softly at the wetness. The toy laid on the bed beside me, the soft light reflecting from the black surface. With my other hand I reached for it, moving it down my body to press the tip against my length. I shivered slightly, then kept pushing it down, over my soft sac. I replaced my finger with it's head, examining the wet tip of my finger. I licked the sweet juices from it, closing my eyes slightly as I pushed it deeper.

"Holy fuck!" My eyes instantly flashed open and I turned to the now open door. Standing just inside the room was Ray. I was thankful it was him and not the others. Gerard would probably run out replused, which I'd hate because he turned me on. Frank would tell everyone he saw. Mikey would take photos on his phone. Ray... I wasn't sure what he'd do.

He pushed the door closed and took a few steps towards me. I noticed his impressive bulge and squirmed slightly, absently pushing the dildo deeper. "Well well, what have we here." He spoke softly, his hands shifting to his crotch. I watched intently as he pulled the zipper down. "I'm sure you want to keep this quiet hmm?" I nodded, feeling my mouth going slightly dry. He pulled his t-shirt up and oover his shead, his curls bouncing at the action. His body was similar to mine, apart from my slight breasts. As soon as it landed on the room's unused chair, he started on his pants. "You share with me now." They dropped to the floor, leaving him only in boxers and his sneakers.

He dropped to his knees, pulling off both his sneakers and discarding them. Once he'd straightened back up, the boxers went too. Now it was my turn to utter the words he had. "Holy fuck..." He was very well endowed, but that was clear from his bulge. He was the biggest I'd ever seen, about ten inches long and about one thick. His balls hung low and heavy below the base of his shaft.

He gripped the base of the dildo, yanking it out roughly. He tossed it onto the bed beside me, climbing onto the bed too. He shifted beween my legs, the head of his cock rubbing against my entrance. He moaned down at me as he thrust roughly into my body, making me tremble. "Fuck, it feels just like a regular one." He started to move steadily, running his hands over my body. "My new little slut." He growled, slamming into my pointedly as he said that. I didn't care that this meant he'd be my whore, at least I'd be getting laid. Maybe I could get him to ass and throat fuck me too.

I reached down, taking my cock in hand and starting to stroke. He chuckled, groping my little tits roughly as he pounded me, not caring to stop me touching myself. In fact, I had a feeling it was turning him on. I wondered if he'd had other men before me as my cunt twitched around him. Maybe he was why so many guys seemed to limp at Warped.

He tossed his head back, sending his hair into a frenzy. He made sounds that were a mix between growls and grunts as he pounded me harder. I clenched around him, pleasuring him just as Bert taught me to. His volume increased at that, a flow of expletives leaving his perfect lips. I longed to lean up and kiss them, but he held me down too tightly for me to do so.

I kept jacking myself off, until I bucked my hips up and came over my belly moaning his name, with my pussy also drenching his dick. He kept carrying on undeterred, random words now leaving his mouth to replace the swearing. I could just about make out halves of several words, but wasn't sure. Of course I was in a post-orgasmic daze, so perhaps any meaning was lost on me.

After a few moments, I decided to try and speed things along by speaking up, running my one hand along his side. "Oh Ray, fuck me with your huge dick. Fuck, you feel so good." My other hand trailed throuh the splatter of cum on my belly, raising the sticky fingers to my lips and doing the same as I'd done earlier, only this time I made more of a show and sucked on the digits. Apparently the sight did something for him as I felt him unload within me.

Panting, he collapsed on the bed, the opposite side of the dildo. "You were so good whore." He kissed my cheek lightly, his breath warm on my skin. "I know we'll work out amazingly."

In response I just blushed and dived down to cleanse his thick cock.
Tags: bob bryar, bob bryar/ray toro, fic, my chemical romance, slash
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