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Does it show again?

Last night I slept when I didn't want to. I blame the cold and the snugglyness of bed.

Why is it everywhere's playing Whenever Wherever? I want ever copy of that song erased from the face of the universe.

My brain's beeen unfocussed today. I've tried not to do too much and at least I had pills with me. I've come up with no ideas.

One of the nice one's has left work, cause someone else was a bitch. Bah.

Mum's at college today so I might try on what I got the other week (I'd take pics but camera's awol). I was an idiot and forgot my keys so thankfully I managed to catch her before her lesson and get hers. Sigh.

I saw something in the shop across the road when I was sent to get sellotape. If they're still there Thursday I'll get em.

The only idea in my head is Ben/Charlie and they're not MCR are they?

The Sarah Jane Adventures last night was good. (Though the end seemed odd... why skip 6 weeks?) My mind picked up on the Luke/Clydeness. I dunno why. Clyde was such an idiot though, mocking the Sontaran. Would he mock daleks too? Why did Maria's mum suddenly gain a sense of intelligence? I think I'll miss Maria's dad more then her. It doesn't take a genius to work out the Sontaran will be back.

I feel old cause my birthday's in three weeks. Stupid 22nd. There's no joy in birthdays for me now. Hasn't been for awhile.

Anyway, that's everything of the main post I think. I've probably missed something. Tonight I'll be watching Millennium and Frasier.

Anyway, the rest of the post is all fics that are untitled and haven't been finished (and might not be). There'll be twoish paragraphs from each. Here they are.

Georg Listing/Bill Kaulitz - Tokio Hotel [Geog's POV]

I gazed down at the black barred cage which contained the sleeping form of my newest pet. He had long black and a slim, girlish figure. He also had several tattoos and a collar secured around his neck. His name was Bill and he had a very nice, round ass. Like me he was German so there was blissfully no language barrier. I licked my lips, running a hand through my dark brown locks. I'd decided that he would do very nicely for my needs. Those needs being sexual of course. I took a few more steps towards the cage, looking down at him. Time to wake this sleeping beauty up I think.

I considered how to do it, my hard dick twitching as ideas ran through my mind. Some were impractical right now of course, so I just went with the best, most obvious option. I stepped up to the bars of the cage and thrust my hardness through them, wiping the swollen tip over his lips. His eyelids flickered open as his mouth parted, his tongue snaking out to taste me. It took him a brief few seconds for him to pause, then look up at me. There was confusion in those orbs, which made me smirk. He didn't recognise me at all, no surprise there considering I'd only seen him before as he slumbered. "Whe..." before he could even finish that would, I stuffed my cock between his pretty lips. Instinctively he closed his lips around me, not even trying to spit me out and finish his sentance. His tongue squirmed against me, taking my shaft fully down his throat. He kept his eyes on me as he suckled on my dick, his mind probably still wondering who I was. After a few thrusts of my hips I decided it was time to enlighten him.

Sean Smith/Gavin Butler - The Blackout [Sean's POV]

Two days ago I'd killed by boyfriend. Normally if people killed their it was due to to bursts of anger during fights, by total accidents. Me, I'd killed Gavin by accident with my cock. I'd literally choked him to death with it. It was my fault, since I knew he was good at giving head, yet I forced him into it. I didn't even realise he was gone until after I came but by then it was too late.

His body still lay on the bed, lifeless and pale. I couldn't bring myself to get rid of the body. I wasn't strong enough to dig a hole outside to bury him in and I was afraid of calling the proper authorities. If I did there'd be questions and... well, I was terrified I'd be locked away, even though it was an accident. I never I wouldn't last long behind bars, I'd be raped for sure. I sighed softly, shaking such thoughts from my head. No use thinking about it now. I looked other Gavin's body again, smiling slightly. He still looked so beautiful. I trailed a hand over his milky skin, shivering at how cold it was. I missed his warmth. I missed a lot of things about him. I climbed on top of him, pressing my body against him, kissing his blue-tinged lips lightly.

Worm/Omar Abidi - My Chemical Romance/Fightstar [Omar's POV]

I lay back on our bed, purring softly at feeling of suction on my nipples. I reaches down and strokes the hair of each of the heads doing the sucking, purring softly. It was now over a year ago that I'd joined this strange family of sorts. I hadn't expected anything like this though, at the time I was just replying to a personal ad posted by the man who was now my lover. I could still remember it. It was ba basic ad, though it had the words 'larger male preferred' in it. Well, I was certainly that.

I contacted him after a few nights of being nervous and he seemed really nice. I was thankfiul he'd left his e-mail as opposed to just his phone number since I was too shy to speak to someone I didn't know. I sent him pictures of myself, which he seemed to like. He said I was perfect, which no one had ever said to me before.

Mikey Way/girl!Mikey Way - My Chemical Romance [Mikey's POV]

#It was strange, looking into his eyes behind the lenses of his glasses. His body was similar to how mine was about a year ago. Dark brown hair that reached my shoulders, glasses with white rims and a perfect slim body. Of course, there were bound to be some differences, though none were visible. He wore thigh-high boots and fishnet tights, with a small, black mini-skirt and shirt. Still, it was his similarity to me that aroused me. The fact that he looked just like I did made me want him all the more. "Want to come home with me?"

He let out a soft giggle, which could probably be considered girly. After a few seconds though, he purred out a reply. "Mmm... yes..."

I smiled and grasped his hand in mine, leading us outside into the cold night air, only stopping for her to pick up his jacket. "So, what's your name?"

"My friends call me Mikey." Even better, first he looks like me, then he has my name too.

"I'm Mikey too..." I led him to my car, pulling out my keys to open the side door, gesturing him in the passanger seat. "Do you mind if I film tonight?" He shook his head as I circled the car to get in the driver's side. Perfect. My big brother was away in England, so I had decided to try and find a guy that looked like me to make a film for him. Sure, I'd thought about it for a over a year, but we'd been so busy I'd had no chance to find one.
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