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Into The Darkness Part 5

Into The Darkness
Pairing: Jay James/Padge/Matt Tuck
POV: Jay
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Blood, gore, killing, cannibalism, necrophilia
Notes: This part's ended up being... sort of a filler part really. Mostly dealing with the basement. It was originally gonna be Omar's part, but causa him being in my last fic I changed it.
1: Charlie
2: Padge
3: Ian
4: Sean

5: Matt

Sean's body was now so pretty. His chest was open and mostly hollowed out now. All the fat and muscle was trimmed away from his torso, his organs now in the fridge like Charlie's had before him. His bones remained within his skin, holding it together like poles holding up a tent. I was pleased with how well Ian had done, he'd done better then I'd expected. He managed to removed his lungs before requesting leave. I granted it only after he fucked Sean's blue tinted lips.

That had all happened last night.

Now Padge was finishing with the body, carving up his arms and legs. I smiled at him slightly before leaving him, heading into the room I normally used for bodies. Since Padge was busy, I would be the one heading downstairs. I pulled out a trio of Sean's organs from the fridge, both of the boy's kidneys and the bladder. I placed them on a tray and headed towards the basement.

The basement was about half the size of the house and split into two sections. The left wall had shackles imbedded into it, as well as a series off drawers and a wardrobe in one corner. On the opposite side of the shackles, towards the wall's middle was a plasma screen tv. I placed it there so the livestock would have something to view to keep them placid. Currently it was playing cartoons. Near that was a glass table, which was currently empty. Finally, in the corner of that half of the room, was a small shower fitted into the wall, with a drain in the floor. Hooks and chains also hung from the ceiling, with the floor below stained red.

Across from all of thse things were the cells, of which there were four. Each one was furnished the same way, with white walls, floor and ceiling. They had a simple bed, that was comfortable enough for one, a small table and nothing else. The furthest from me was empty, it's former occupant slaughtered before Charlie. The next one along held Ian, who was curled up on the bed asleep. The one after him also laid in the bed, though he was much larger then Ian. I'd kept him for many months, fattening the dark skinned male up. I had plans for him, his time would come soon enough. Closest to me was the only permenant pet down here. His cell was slightly different in that it had bars running along the walls and ceiling. There was a simple reason for that, he had no legs. He looked up at me, smiling and running his hands through his dark hair. He then grasped onto the nearest bar, swinging like a monkey to get near me. He'd been mine as long as Padge. He was called Matt and hs legs were gone because I'd feasted upon them.

"Feeding time!" I headed to Matt, placing the bladder in the bowl on his table. His cell didn't have a door, it didn't need one. I petted his head gently as he moved to it, setting down on the floor. I watched him scoop the organ up in his hand, bringing it to his mouth and start to tear into it. I went to the others, opening their doors and dropping each kidney into a bowl similar to Matt's. I locked both doors upon exiting them, heading back upstairs. I only stopped and looked back when I heard Matt giggle at the tv, his lips and chin covered in blood. He'd already finished his dinner.


Roughly an hour after I fed them, Sean's body was gone. His flesh was in the fridge, his pretty head on a board and his skin was stretched out to dry. His bones were piled up in the corner. I was unsure what I'd do with them. It would depend how creative I was. Padge was bent over the table Sean had been on, his chest stained with blood and his ass was leaking cum. Stuffed inside his twitching pucker was Sean's severed member.

Absently I hummed to myself, leaving the living room to return to the basement. Matt was the only one of the three awake, though the others had eaten too. Matt's eyes lit up when he saw me, his arms reaching out for me. I chuckled, stepping into his little cell and kneeling before him. "Would you like to come with me?"

He nodded wildly, his fingers grasping for me. I carefully lifted him up into my arms, holding him close as he licked at my skin. Unlike Padge he had all his fingers. The only ways he wasn't symmetrical was his right leg stump was slightly bigger then the left and the tattoos he already had on his left arm. He locked his arms together behind me, holding on tight as I returned up the stairs.

Padge was now arranging a series of pictures I'd taken of Sean on another table in the real living room. Each picture shown his body in various states of mutilation, with the last few taken today. The best ones would be hung up, with the rest arranged in a photo album. This room was decorated with such pictures. I set Matt down on the black leather sofa. His dick was hard, the sticky head rubbing against his belly. If Matt still had his legs was sure they'd be wide open.

His slide his left hand under his crotch, forcing two fingers into his arsehole to try and please me. I smiled at him, watching him finger himself before me for a few moments. An idea formed in my head quickly. I shifted back to the other room, picking up one of Sean's bones before returning. I gripped Matt's wrist, pulling it back so his fingers slipped out. I replaced them with the end of the rib bone, sliding it slowly into him. He groaned, pushing back against the off-white bone. I pushed it in another inch, then let his own eager hands take over. I licked my lips, watching as his asshole swallowed up to half of the thing.

His other hand shifted to his cock, stroking his small member. As he did so he shifted the bone in him, trying to get the end of the curve to rub against his sensitive bundle of nerves. When he let out a low gasp I knew he'd found it. I shuffled around to stand before his head, grasping the base of my cock and rubbing the head across his needy little lips. He wasted no time in wrapping his lips around me, twisting his tongue around my aching dick. I moaned softly, feeling Padge lick a path down my spine. He stopped when it arrived at my ass.

Each of his hands grasped a cheek, prising them apart as I thrust down Matt's throat. Padge's tongue licked along my the length of my crack, then back up again until it arrived at my opening. I felt him take a deep breath before pushing his tongue inside me. The soft muscle squirmed around my insides slowly. He stopped and pulled back several times, but only to breathe before he went back into it. I rocked my hips between them, my eyes lidding in pleasure.

I came, after a few minutes of their hot, wet tongues. Matt swallowed everything, his adam's apple bobbing slightly as he did so, his fingers still thrusting the bone within him. Padge pulled back, waiting for me to slip from Matt's mouth before kissing him. I watched Padge's hands stroke Matt's body as I sat down. His fingers stopped to cup his balls, rolling them around slowly. He jerked up hard, covering himself in the pearly liquid.

Padge was already shifting to lick it off his skin. When he was done I knew he'd cook some of Sean's fresh meat. After all, I was hungry and I'd no doubt Padge would be too.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/matt tuck/padge, matt tuck, padge, slash
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