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Straight sex is so confusing

I've eaten and I feel a little better.

I've watched Merlin. Parts of it were perdictable (especially at the start), but it was good. Even the dragon thinks Arthur and Merlin will be together. That amuses me. Mum likes it too so we watched it together.

It looks like I'll be back on the Saturday after The Blackout. That means I'll just crash on Sunday. Three full days of travel. I hate you Sean. Why did you have to play a venue I didn't know here? Fuckers. I might slap Sean at the signing for it.

I've watched Armor For Sleep's dvd. Here are some random things in it:
*Ben very perdy and his hair is always perfect. He has magical hair
*PJ, their guitarist, is cute too
*The very first scene has them like, celebrating the start of the tour. And with them is a really tall guy. And it takes me a good few seconds to work out that said tall guy is Gabe Saporta. I kid you not
*Randomly finding out Ben's Jewish, so he must've been snipped down there (must make a mental note of that)
*Ben's random and cute
*Ben bit off the antenna of his phone and uses the spike to torture people (instantly that made me think of the fic I did with him).
*The Academy Is... is randomly in it. William's shown in bed with another guy
*Ben can play drums
*The last part is of them in England and their tour manager/driver is Welsh, which I thought was cool
*Ben's... aware of Busted
*They toured with Fightstar (this I knew) and you see them together. (At first I wasn't 100% sure it was Omar cause he looks different, but then I was.)
*The only full live video is The Truth About Heaven in England (it doesn't say where, but it's a barfly somewhere)
*Ben has a computetr that doesn't work.
*I don't get why there's a pic of FOB in the dvd insert thing as they're not in it at all
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