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The Flock

The Flock
Pairing: Jay James/Matt Tuck, Gavin Butler/Moose, Sean Smith/Matthew Davies, Padge/Jay James, Matt Tuck/Gavin Butler
POV: Matt
Rating: NC-17
Notes: This was originally gonna be something different, but it somehow evolved into this. I'm glad block managed to go so I could finish this, instead of doing an MCR one shot that I'd not be really happy with.
Warnings: Animal role-play, male lactation

I finished buttoning my red checkered shirt with a smile, standing up off my bed and heading to the door. Sunlight shone through the windows, illuminating the little house. I headed downstairs, stretching my arms above my head along the way. I knew before I entered the living room that I wasn't alone. I could sense them, I could smell them, even from upstairs. They were all curled up on the floor in a heap of tangled limbs. It was obvious from the myriad of dried stains covering their skin, that not only had they gotten in, but they'd also fucked while I had sleeped sounded.

It was difficult to do an exact headcount considering how they were all laid out. Five or six was usually the norm, though I knew there were, at most, ten that could come. I seated myself on the sofa, resting back while I waited for them to wake. As soon as they were we could begin.

The first to wake, about ten minutes later, was my only constant. Jay. He shifted from the group, crawling over towards me with a sleepy smile on his pretty face. He stopped in front of me, nuzzling my knee with his face. He let out soft baa's in between yawning, swiping his tongue over the denim that covered my legs. He was the prettiest one to me, with muscular arms, a round stomach, shiny hair and a great ass. He wiggled his hips slightly, gazing up at me with his warm brown eyes. I patted him on the head, glancing at the others as they started to wake too.

They moved, like Jay, towards me only they hung back a little. Only when they were all in position did I pay attention to them. From left to right there was a blonde called Sean, who looked like Jay without the muscular arms, piercings or tattoos. Beside him was his friend, Gavin, who always came whenever he did. He had dark hair, the the same length as Sean. I was sure he only came to be with him. The next one was called Padge, who had hair the length and colour of mine and a goatee. The last one was a pretty, slim boy called Matthew, with short brown hair with a fringe.

I stood up, licking my lips as I glanced over them. "Follow me." They crawled after me as I moved to the hallway and opened the door to the outside world. I led them out into the countryside, inhaling the scent of the Welsh air. I led them out, knowing the dirt would cover their skin as they followed me. It was nice and seculded here, with no one around for miles to see them. I smiled to myself, leading them towards the barn. I was glad this place used to be a farm, since I'd have hated to have to sort one out myself.

The building was as large as the house, although obviously far more empty. This was the space for my more permenant boys. I often wished my sheep were, especially Jay. Right now there were two, both kept in stalls along the left wall. I'd always check them at the start of my day. The first was a man called Omar, who was large and dark skinned. Attached to his upper chest were two cups, one on each side of him. Each focussed on a nipple, though also massaged the skin surrounding it. The purpose was similar to a breast pump, drawing the milk from him. Most people didn't know that males could lactate too, it just took a bit of effort. From the cups were tubes which deposited the milk in a container. It only needed emptying once or twice a week, though it tasted fantastic. There was also a sheath around his cock, which massaged his cock and drained the fluid from that into a seperate container beside the first.

I ran a hand over his hair and arms, smiling down at him when he looked up at me. He returned my smile, leaning his head slightly to brush up against my leg, similar to what Jay had done earlier. I nodded at the two nearest sheep, who came over and kissed his arms, baaing and rubbing their heads against him.

I left them to their task, going to the other stall to check on my last boy. He was Moose. He had short hair and a similar body type to me. His arms were bound behind his back and he crossed the space towards me, making soft neighing sounds. Like Omar, he was here by choice. He wanted to be a horse, to be treated and kept like one. I ran an hand along his back, smiling as he neighed loud in pleasure. He was allowed to move about, unlike Omar, and he frequently fucked him to alleviate his hard-ons.

I motioned with my hand for him to start moving around the barn. He did so, slowly trotting out of his stall to do a circuit of the barn. I watched as his thighs and ass moved as he walked, his pace steady. I smiled, feeling my cock stiffen fully in my jeans. Soon, I would cum, but not yet. When he'd done a full circuit, I spoke. "Pick a sheep." He glanced over the choices, licking his lips. He moved behind Gavin and, in a fluid thrust, slammed hard into him. Gavin released a loud cry, which sounded similar to a baa as Moose started pounding him. Moose never had a rhythm to his movements, being driven purely by his animalistic instincts. As such, his thrusts were purely random and harsh.

The others watched him, all having witnessed this before. All had also had been in Gavin's position. I glanced at Moose's face, studying his expression. He shook his head several times, neighing loudly into the expanse of the barn. It didn't take him long before he orgasmed deep into Gavin's ass. It didn't surprise me really. Before I had Moose he was a serial masturbator, doing it multiple times a day.

I smiled, nodding for him to head towards his stall. "Come sheep." I didn't give Gavin chance to either rest or cum, just led them all back outside. Sometimes I hooked Moose up to a cart I kept in there and let him pull me around on it. Today I didn't feel like that, mostly because the forecast for today was rain. I had to get everything I usually did done for midday.

I led them towards a field next to the barn. It was a large space of green, with fences around the far edges. They dispersed over the space, each stopping and leaning down to rip up the blades of grass with their teeth. They chewed on them slowly, a sight which turned me on aas I moved around between them, affectionatly patting them on the head. Often they wouldn't eat too much, due to the grass being difficult to digest. Still, they would rip it up and spit the blades out that they didn't eat, just to please me.

I was content to remain among these peaceful animals for hours, which I often did. However, it wasn't to be. Before it even reached an hour, drops of rain began to fall. Within a minute it start to become heavy and I quickly ran back into the house, all five of them following me. I sighed as soon as I stood inside, pushing the wet strands of my hair from my face. I picked up towels that I'd laid on the table last night, then threw all but one at them. The last, I used to dry miself as I removed my clothing.

The sheep used the fluffy material to both dry themselves and each other off, as well as remove any dirt or mud which clung to their skin. Soon, all the towels were in a messy pile in the corner of the hallway and we were all in the living room listening to the rain. They were before me, putting on a show for me. Gavin and Matthew were kissing Sean, all three making the same soft baa's. Beside them, Padge was taking a more active role with Jay. After licking his arse for a good few minutes, he was now mounting him, his cock inside the smaller male, making him groan.

While they did this I fisted my cock slowly. This was normally a satisfying close to the day, but now would have to do. I watched as Matthew mounted Sean, just like Padge did to Jay. Matthew's slim cock slipped easily into Sean's body, so much so that his sharp hips were soon flush against his ass. While he did that, Gavin remained between the mating pairs, shifting to lick both Jay and Sean's faces. Matthew and Padge moved differently, mostly due to their different body types. Padge was larger, so he was clearly a top. His thrusts were slightly more confident and hard, similar to Moose's only slower. Matthew, being smaller, went slowly, his hips shifting each time to seek out Sean's spot. Padge's cock was thicker, so he didn't need to angle for the spot. The small boy released moans louder then any of the others, his stiff dick bouncing against his belly.

After awhile I patted my knee, watching as Gavin crawled towards me, parting his lips. He easily swallowed my member down to the base, squeezing his lips around me. His tongue traced along my veins, my precum drippling onto my tongue. His fingers stroked at my soft balls, making me buck into his mouth. I heard the first of my sheep cum, knowing that the grunt accompanying it was Padge's. Jay followed him, coating his belly. Padge pulled out, licking the cum that was seeping from his hole and coating his chest.

Matthew and Sean took awhile longer to cum, just as they always did. I tipped my head back against the couch and Gavin sped up his mouthwork, which made my body tense up. I released down his throat, my eyes lidding at the feeling. He swallowed around me, smiling when he slipped from my cock. I looked them all over, sweat clinging to their skin. Both Sean and Matthew had came and they were cleaning each other in a similar fashion to Jay and Padge. Both of them had drifted to sleep, curled up against each other.

My sweet little sheep. I petted Gavin's head, giving him a slight nod for him to stroke himself off. Off course, he did, reaching down and stroking his engorged cock rapidly, baaing softly as he did so. I lay down on the couch, licking my lips slightly. Despite the rainfall, today was a fairly good day. If it let up, I'd go and get some of Omar's milk for tonight. I closed my eyes as Gavin came over himself.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, gavin butler, gavin butler/matt tuck, gavin butler/moose, jay james, jay james/matt tuck, jay james/padge, matt tuck, matthew davies, matthew davies/sean smith, moose, padge, sean smith, slash, the blackout
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