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Essentially... I have no idea

So I'm back already. Today was pretty much pointless. We were only in for an hour and a half. So, yeah. Also, there's an arssehole on the course. He shoots animals. He takes pride that he's killed rabbits (and talked about them hanging...ugh) and pairs of pheasants.

I've got a holiday form to fill in, which I'll give to the course dude if he comes in Monday (like he did last week) or, if he's not in by when I leave at 3:30, I'll drop it off there.

I've got doritos, which is a plus. I'll have one bag for Ugly Betty tonight, another for Merlin.

Armor For Sleep's dvd is here. I'll watch that later. it's weird how it doesn't say anything about the details within it. However there's apparently sections called 'Justin Timberlake fantasy' and 'stripped'. Stripping's good. Also there's a group poic and I see ickle Patrick.

I watched Apocalyptica's dvd last night. Anyone that can spin a cello (and play it will lying on the floor or while it's above their head) is obviously awesome/hardcore. I'm totally adding more of them to my pod later. I'll probably re-watch it soon.

I've got an odd cut on my toe. It hurts.

Mum was a pain last night, but at least I got a book out of it (the latest Star Wars Essential Guide) and other Star Wars stuff. There'll be a box of new minis among it, so I hope it's a good one.

The next lot of minis has pics up (not good, single shots yet though). I already know which ones I want. Holo Sidious and the Chameleon droid primarily, cause they're awesome but also a magnaguard droid.

There's also a bear on it's way for nan's birthday. It lights up and does a lullaby.

I've asked mum about Mikey coming and it's a definate maybe. Meaning yes. So I dunno how much I'll be on when he's here (and it also means I have to finish Millennium for Wednesday). Sadly I won't be here to greet him, which is a pain. I was so sure mum would say nno though, that I've not really considered the possibility of him actually being here till now. It means we'll be at The Blackout signing, so I have to find my single to be signed. If the topless poster was in better condition I'd take it too.

I'm gonna be going to see nan with mum after this post, then when I'm back I'll attempt to excise this damned block I've been having. I hate it. I might have to do an MCR one-shot at this rate.

It's my first time seeing nan in awhile causa everything that's been happening.
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