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Rock and/or roll

So I've just put on the Apocalyptica dvd and there's a think about the making of Repressed. So naturally I click on it. It's about the actual song, not the video. So there is, for a bit of it, Matt. There's a few shots of him next to Eicca (sadly they're never close together damnit). I's scary how their sizess match up. Eicca looks scarily large compared to Matt (seriously). I bet Matt never stands with him cause he'd look a midget. Eicca also talks a bit on it, so now I know his voice. It's deep and his english isn't brilliant. He seems a little uncertain sometimes with his words, like he takes a second or two to think about what he's saying (oddly he's spoken on the live part of the dvd which I'm on now and his voice I much more confident... maybe interviews make him nervous). His deep voice is strangely sexy.

Matt says something strange though. That he felt he had to do the track for them as a sort of payback. So naturally I do my research into that. Now, one would assume he meant that they toured together in the early years or something along those lines, right? Especially cause he's shown wearing a Aiden hoodie with a blonde bit in his hair. So I have a look and try to find out if that's true. Actually, it wasn't that at all (although they could've toured in Europe together, I never really found a conclusive answer on that).

No, what I found out was that Apocalyptica did a song for Bullet For My Valentine. Intro is by them and was written by Eicca.

How do I not know these things?

Also that means Eicca's probably met/had sex with Jay, so yay!
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