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The end of the world as we know it

The morning has gone unbearably slowly. I got tired and headachey very quickly. Also, one of the nice one's from work is thinkibng of leaving cause someone else was nasty to her. bah. Management's sorting it though.

At least I was sent home early, after 3. On the way back I saw a mini-van that had 666 in it's numberplate.

Apocalyptica came yesterday, but I didn't find it until late. I'll be watching it tonight after The Simpsons.

Mum's still being a bitch. The phone's not my fault, the money's not my fault. Mikey wants to come next week but I doubt he will.

There's nothing else to note really, cept I'm having a recurring dream about Matt Tuck being a hermaphrodite. Once it's with Eicca, though other times he's solo or with someone unseen.

It's odd.
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