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You have your Rebel Alliance, now what are you going to do with it?

First off, I hope Mikeysaur is ok. I know today'll be hard for you and I wish I was there (and that the phone worked).

This is amazing. It's funny, amusing and, cause Jay's in it, hot.

I finished The Force Unleashed last night. It only took just over 10 hours (I managed to get the light side ending though). The hardest boss? Palpatine. The coolest thing in the last bit: Darth Vader battle damaged. I hate that it ends so fast, it was such great. I loved using the Force to hit people with stuff.

It gives you a chance to restart the gave with all the powers though, so I've done that in hopoes of finding all the unlockable stuff I've missed. So that's 50ish things to find outta 200.

Today's been tiring. There's been an electrician in and he's been turning things on and off. Which has been annoying. Other then that it's been ok. I don't get involved in the apparent bitching that has been going on. It's best to stay downstairs out the line of fire, although upstairs has Kerrang on too.

Tha Anakin has a hand, it's holding his saber and won't stay in.

I got two Happy Meal toys today. The Padme pen and Falcon game. I wish I'd have got the Ewok.

Media player's been annoying and it froze sorta so there's a gap in the playlist.

I've got stuck ficwise so I might not do anything for awhile until I do.

Cause Mikey's at Claire's I'll be watching certain Asian films I've got. Namely Death Note, The Host and Battle Royale. Right now I'm focussingon finishing Millennium series 2. I'm on the last disc.

There's probably something I've missed, but I dunno what.

Edit (at 11:11 so... later then normal): I saw a mouse on thee way home. it was sitting between the bars of a fnce, eating a random plat. i think it had ickle friends too. It was so cutes!
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