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You couldn't hate enough to love

I hate my connection now, as it's being a bitch. I wish I could get the wireless set up already. I now have a second router that I can't use cause I've not been sent the password for them. The phone line's dead too, so maybe it's something to do with that.

There was also a five second power cut last night, which added to my annoyance.

I went on The Force Unleashed again. I've played on it 8 hours and I fear the end's in sight. It's a shame it's not longer, it's really good. Maybe the proposed sequel will be longer and be able to go back to levels. Or it could be The Force Unleashed meets Twilight Princess. That'd be awesome.

Anyway, I love how there's random Jawas on Raxus Prime. I love them< 3. Yay also for Mandalorians with their Besalisk (I thought they were outdated but I guess one survived) and also Kleef, a charcter who finally gives his species some credibility (he's a Gungan). I'm now more used to the Force, so I randomly pick people up and throw my lightsaber/whatevers lying around at them. I dunno which battles been hardest, Maris on Felucia or the Shadow Guard on Raxus. I also dunno where the Ugnaught boss is meant to be. Senator Organa is an idiot.

I'll be going on Corellia tonight.

Today's been eh, cause my headache's come back hard. So I've felt like shit. Then I cut myself while opening boxes of new stuff (there's cute new kitties). Bah. On the plus side, I got some stuff that was gonna be thrown out in the rubbish. Also I've got saved Anakin's Jedi Interceptor with an Anakin figure (though he has a lightsaber, he's missing his hand so...).

Amusingly there was a breast pump at work.

I started writing yesterday but the lack of connection/power cut/headache pissed me off. Gah!

I love Slipknot's song Snuff.

And the friday five.
1: What do you think of this?
Guh.. Major guh

2: Ray's already performed with Leathermouth. Do you think any of the others will?
I doubt it somehow

3: Halloween stuff is already starting to show up, are you planning on doing anything for it his year?
No idea. Probably watch the resident Evil trilogy and Nightmare Before Christmas

4: Which video game characters do you think the guys would be?
Why do I always put a question I can't answer myself?

5: Is there any show you'd want the guys to be in (either as themselves or as an actual character)?
The Simpsons would be really cool. And it's the only thing that comes to mind.
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