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That does not make sense!

So today's been spent doing several things, with my headache has coming and goning at will.

I've been on The Force Unleashed (obviously, more on that story later), watched Millennium and of course, what day would be complete without mum being a total bitch.

Anyway, onto thoughts on the game so far.

I'm not sure how far I am along it. I assume it's under halfway. Several little things made me squee:
*Power droids!
*Mouse droids!
*...poledancing alien holograms. Yeah, seriously
*Shadow guards look awesome but are hard
*I like Shaak Ti's outfit (why didn't they do a figure of her?)
*PROXY is amusing
*Yay for R2 (yeah, I noticed him before Leia)
*Yay for Kazan's random... junk droid thing
*Felucians are odd looking
*Yay for massive sarlacc

Anyway, I love it. Force grip/push is a little hard to control and I'm still not used to it. I probably overuse the force lightening. It's so cool though. I'm not sure if I have a favourite level so far. I'm sure I'll have one soon enough. It's a little surprising that the Rebellion is started by Vader. I'm not sure if I'm heading to light or dark side.

The outfit I have Starkiller wearing now is hot. It's one that makes him pretty much topless and he has blood on his skin. Like I said, hot.

One thing that confuses me. Apparently there's been a sort of... miscommunication somewhere. On wookieepedia it says you find Master Kota the second time on Cloud City, but in the game it's Nar Shaddaa (which is logical). Confusing much?

Next, Merlin. I missed the first few minutes cause, like an idiot, I thought it was on an hour later. Thoughts so far? I liked it. Merlin's pretty (and shown skin, yes!) and obviously is gonna be having kinky sex with Arthur by the end (especially after he latter talkined about getting him on his knees, then locked him in a cell). And then him being his servent at the end. It's like slash is being written right in front of me. Giles amuses me, even though he's an evil king I can't take him seriously. And then there was Gwen being in it. And she got killed. Twice. Fun times.

My head is now throbbing again. Maybe it's because I've not eaten in awhile. I'll eat when mum's in bed.
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