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Use the Force

Yay! The Force Unleashed has arrived! I'm going on it now indefinately.

My head really hurts though, so I'm trying to ignore it. I probably won't go in today. It started a few nights back, but was only late before now.

Last night was eh. The morning was pretty boring as I expected and the we had one of the new people so I couldn't ask. The last hour was pretty much... nothing.

Nothing else really to say about yesterday, cept play's stoopid. The only real noteworthy think was saving a caterpillar from being stepped on. He was so cutes.

I'll make a few calls in an hour or two to sort out money and let em know I'm not gonna be in.

Merlin's on tonight! Yay! I hope I don't get too into the slaughtering of innocents to miss it.

Could at least someone read Into The Darkness? With no comments I feel I might not finish it, which is what I really want to do cause I haveideas.

I might do another fic soonish, but it'll be Bullet again.

Off to kill.
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