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Into The Darkness Part 4

Into The Darkness
Pairing: Jay James/Sean Smith
POV: Jay
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Blood, gore, killing, cannibalism, necrophilia
Notes: This part's ended up a little longer then I expected. His mode of death is Sean's own fault, because he said that's how he expected to go in an interview.
1: Charlie
2: Padge
3: Ian

4: Sean

Charlie was gone now, the last of his meat in our bellys. Tonight I was looking for someone new to replace him. If I didn't find one in three days, I'd kill one of the ones in the basement instead. I had certain rules when it came to finding people. It couldn't just be anyone. It had to be a guy that looked like he wouldn't be missed. Someone who looked lonely, abandoned, disposessed. Generally they were people who wouldn't be missed, ones that were on the verge of destroying themselves anyway. Often they were easy to tell from the rest, especially after watching people like them for so long.

I sat back in my seat and watched various men go by, examining them all as they went. The sad thing was a lot of guys that ticked those boxes were thin. Those new 'emo' pretty boys. I'd still take them home anyway. They were fun to play with, even if I had to harvest two or more of them as opposed to the usual one. I had my eye on one that was sitting in the shadows, his dark fringe covering his eyes. I kept watching him, just in case no one else of interest turned up.

I lifted up the bottle before me, gluging down the amber fluid within. I watched the happy people that were around me, ones here with friends, or with lovers. Sometimes I'd want that, but I knew I wouldn't. I was content to have Padge and the pets I had. I saw the aftermath of love, what it did to people. Love never lasted. It always destroyed. I never understood why people went back to it, or why they craved it. I shrugged a little to myself, deciding to shake those thoughts away.

Once I had, a blonde haired boy stopped before me. His hair wasn't natural, the shade clearly bleached. "Is anyone sitting here?" He whispered softly, his hand on a seat at the table I was at. I nodded, watching as he pulled it out and sad down. He had a nice, round stomach and fishnets on his arms. The netting was obviously an attempt to conceal the cuts along his right wrist. He set his drink down on the table, a glass filled with some cocktail I wasn't familiar with. He looked young, most likely in his early twenties and he had nothing distinguishing about him bar his hair. No visible tattoos or piercings. I could tell from his eyes he was giving me the same treatment.

There was silence between us that lasted several minutes before he spoke again. "Are you here alone?" He asked in a soft voice, taking a sip of his drink.

"Yeah." I replied simply, raising my bottle and taking it between my lips, making sure he could see that I was treating the glass like a lover before replacing it on the table. His adam's apple bobbed as he gulped and I was sure his skin was covered in a fresh sheen of sweat. "You?"

"Yeah." I leaned forward, so it would seem I was showing him interest too. Well, the interest he wanted anyway. "I caught my boyfriend in bed with someone else." And here was the sob story that I had to pretend to care about. "I caught him with his sister and her boyfriend." It amused me how twisted some people's lives were, but I kept it from showing on my face, nodding slightly.

"That's terrible." I reached over the table, taking his left hand in mine. "How about you come home with me, I can show you a good time and you can forget about that?"

"I'd like that." He whispered with a smile, downing the remainder of his drink in one go. "Let's go."

All too easy. I left my own bottle on the table, standing up and leading him out, my hand still in his. I couldn't help but hum to the music playing as we departed.

Cause it's true, what they say. It's better the devil you know


Like with Ian a week previously, I learned about him in the car, although the trip was a shorter one. His name was Sean Smith and he wanted to be in a band, although he couldn't play anything. I assumed he could sing, though he didn't say as much. As soon as the car stopped, he reached over and stroked my thigh, a smile on his pretty face. I smiled, letting him trail his fingers over my clothed leg, up to my flies which he quickly unzipped. He pushed his hand into the opening, groping at my boxer-clad erection.

I let out a low moan, squirming slightly at his touch. "I can't wait..." He flashed me a grin, bending down and taking my cock between his lips. He swallowed it to the base in one go, squeezing his lips around him. I ran my fingers though his fairly his short hair, as he worked his magic. His tongue wiggled against my hard flesh, while his head started to bob up and down rapidly. His lips squeezed around me once they were at my base, making me groan louder. His hands shifted to my thighs, both to hold me down gently and thumb my balls.

"That's it, fuck." I moaned, pushing his head down on my cock. "Suck me, take me all down your pretty little throat." He hummed around me, making me squirm more in my seat. With my spare hand, I undid my seatbelt and added it to my first on his head. I now used both to make him speed up, making each movement a little more forceful. He kept suckling and kept humming around me as he did so. One of his hands cupped my balls, rolling the soft sac between his fingers. My eyes lidded, and I rested my head back, bucking my hips up as I came.

He swallowed every drop, sliding up off my softening member slowly. I smiled down at him as he returned to his seated position, trailing my tongue over my lips. I closed my jeans, buttoning them up and opening the door. "Come on. Let's get you naked." He flashed me a grin, quickly getting out of the car. He bounced slightly on the spot while I locked the car up, trailing his tongue over his lips. I circled the car until I was at his side, then I led him towards the house. I unlocked the door, pushing it open wide enough for him to step inside.

We both entered the house, with me leading him into the same lounge that I'd entertained Ian in. He'd already began stripping, his t-shirt discarded and trousers undone. He was just too easy. "Bend over the table." I nodded to the glass table, faint marks still on it's surface. Naturally he didn't notice them, shedding the last of his clothing before assuming the position over it. His cock was a decent size, his ass nice and round. He had a nice belly to him, which was exactly what I'd wanted. "Tell if, if this was your last night, what would you want?" This wasn't the first time I'd ask, though it wasn't often.

He smiled, while I secured his wrists behind him with a leather strap. His scars were obvious now, pretty and red in the light. I licked my lips lightly, bending down to kiss them gently. "I'd want to get fucked, to cum a last time. I always figured I'd be killed by some freak, with a plastic bag over my head while he got off." I smirked, making sure that I had one to hand. I pushed a finger into him, hearing him groan softly. I felt he could take another, then added a second roughly inside him.

I curved them both inside him, leaning down to whisper in his ear. "Wish granted." He giggled then moaned softly and I wasn't sure he realised I was telling him the truth. I thrust the fingers, my cock becoming hard again at the feeling of him. I steadily removed my fingers, removing all of my clothing as fast as I could. He squirmed beneath me, desperate and needy for my cock. I slammed my cock into him fully my large balls, slapping against his ass cheeks.

"Oh fuck... you're so big." I chuckled, holding his hands as I began to fuck him hard. "I've never had anyone as fucking big as you." I watched my cock as I rammed in and out of him, his hole twitching around my cock. His insides felt so warm around me, his hole clenching tightly around my shaft. I scratched along his back, hearing him moan low in his throat. I grunted pummelling him as moans left his pretty lips, swear words of all kinds cascading out after them. His eyes were closed as I licked at his neck, nipping ocassionally at his skin. I wrapped an arm around him, tugging on his dick. One last orgasm for the pretty boy.

His body jerked, his whole form tensing as he released over the table. "Your last." I purred against his neck, using my right hand to pull the clear plastic bag towards me. Before he could register what my words meant, I pulled it over his head, holding it tight around him. I watched the panic in his face, his eyes starting to bulge as he finished breathing in the last air in the bag. "Don't worry." I whispered softly, resuming my thrusts harshly. "You'll be in the darkness soon." His body spasmed, his breathing becoming erratic. He tried to struggle, but he was no match for me. His breathing became more ragged, the steam from his breath clouding the bag slightly. He began to sweat profusely, beads of it joining the clouds on the bag. As I came for a second time, he finally stilled.

I released the bag, but the sweat kept it stuck in place on his head. "Get Ian." I knew Padge had been watching, even without seeing him. He'd probably been keeping an eye on me since I pulled up outside, turning the lights on where I needed them. While he got the Welshman, I pulled out of Sean, wiping my cock on his cheeks. I considered putting on music, but decided against it. It would ruin the mood.

Padge appeared in the doorway, with Ian just behind him. Like Padge, Ian was naked and had a collar secured around his neck. He didn't fully understand that I was a predator yet, so I decided it was time to enlighten him. "Hello Ian, meet Sean." I nodded to the body behind me, guaging Ian's reaction to it. Ian moved in front of Padge, taking a few steps forward before he realised. I nodded slowly to him, as his mouth opened and closed like a fish. "He's quite dead now." To prove my point I removed one of the blades from my boot, running the tip along Sean's skin. Making sure Ian watched, I used the knife to severed his thumb, the digit dropping onto his back, blood flowing from the wound to coat his skin.

His face turned pale at the sight, though he didn't throw up like I'd expected. Good. "All the meat you're eaten while you've been here came from a boy called Charlie." I licked the blood from the blade carefully, then returned it to it's rightful place. "Soon you'll have parts of him inside you." I nodded back at Sean's body, smirking coldly at him. "You will help me carve him up, or I'll cut of your right hand." His adam's apple visibly moved as he gulped and he came closer, clearly not wanting to lose his hand. I doubted he'd be able to help me too much with it, but it wasn't about how he could help me.

It was about his willingness to.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/sean smith, sean smith, the blackout
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