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In my way there's you

Today has been an annoying day.

For one, I got no sleep. Actually that's not 100% true. I got an hour, just over. I didn't want to sleep, and my chest hurt. And I spent ages talking to Mikeysaur on the phone. (And I managed to finish one fic.) Still my short sleep allowed me to have this really weird dream. Almost like I was on acid.

It started with Alexis and Daniel from Ugly Betty and Daniel wanted to see her naked out of interest (anyone that's watched will probably know why, but I can't be bothered explaining). Then it went to Sean, who wore a t-shirt that said something along the lines of 'one minute I was touching Darth Vader's thigh, the next it was his helmet'. Then it went to Jay fucking someone on stage. All I know is it was another guy but I couldn't see anything distinguishing (ie, couldn't see arms or head). I know there's more. I seem to recall schoolboys or some sort. Really fucked up though.

After that I missed the bus I was meant to catch, and at work I got a splinter lodged in my right palm. Since I'm right handed, I couldn't get it with nails or tweezers, so I had to wait until I came home for mum to get it out.

On top of that, only £20 went in this week. So I have to call up to sort that (I'm noyt going and waiting there like Tuesday). I also have to get them to change an interview they've made for me there, cause it conflicts with work.

Mikeysaur, if I can't sort it quick, could you get me Doctor Who Adventures again?

The radio at work annoys me causa its shitness. Yesterday it annoyed me most when a customer messed with it and put it on classical music. Real depressing stuff. It was only on for 5 minutes and I wanted to shoot up the place by the end.

I hope so much that The Force Unleashed is here tomorrow. I'll feel so much better if it is. Slaughtering the cosmos will really help me. There might be other stuff here too, but that's what I'm focused on.

I must get all of these from Mcdonalds. They're all so cool.

Tonight I'm doing Into The Darkness. Then I dunno which from the to-do list I'll do.

I've moved the Bullet poster, cause it annoys me that light shines through and shows Avenged. Shadows is a twat.

The rest of this post shall be a picspam. Cause I was looking for pictures of Eicca Toppinen. I'm sure that name will bring a lot of blank stares so here's a picspam of him. (Most I found last night and they'll be iconised so I have one of him, replacing Matt Heafy or Robb.)

I don't know much about him, but he's 33 and from Finland. He's one of the founding members of a band called Apocalyptica. They're a rather unique band, since they're mostly cellists (which Eicca is). The cello is a rather random and unheard of instrument really so... Anyway, I heard of them because of their song Repressed. Repressed is an oddity in that it escaped my notice for so long. Matt Tuck sings on it, although it's not well known for some reason [in that respct it's like Dear Superstar's LiveLoveLie] (there's a video of it but Matt's not in it, there's some mummy guy singing). It's a brilliant song, which led to me downloading as much of their stuff as I could find (cause finding it in stores=impossible). I have no idea what he sounds like. I wish there was a pic of Matt with them.

They also played at Eurovision 07.

To listen to them here's their youtube. I've not gone through them all so... I dunno what you'll see.

Anyway, enough facts, onto pictures.

First off, band group shots.

And now some of just him. He seems to shed his clothing quite a bit

Pretty no?
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