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Sex With Ray Toro

Sex With Ray Toro
Paring: Ray Toro/James Dewees
Rating: NC-17
POV: James
Warnings: Sex toys
Notes: Based on the infamous video of him and Ray onstage. It's so hot. The original (vague) idea was totally different to this.

I opened my hotel room door, drool instantly leaving my lips at the sight before me. Ray Toro lay sprawled on my bed, naked with his gorgeous legs spread wide apart. He smiled at me, running a hands between his sexy thighs. His fingers ran along the sides of his large boner, the tip shiny. His impromptu vist had obviously made him hard. I kicked the door shut, coming towards him. My own pants were tightening at the mere sight of him.

No one expected him to turn up at tonight's show. He'd pretty much arrived an hour before the gig, grinning at us all. Even then we just assumed he'd be watching from backstage. He surprised me when he came to me, kissing me, stroking me, laying on stage with me and slapping my ass. He did that all on his own.

It made it hard to finish off the set.

I reached down, undoing my straining pants as I heard him mew. He thrust his hips up and it was clear he had something buried between those perfect cheeks of his. He had something inside him, a butt plug or dildo that spread him open. When he spotted my eyes, he shifted his left hand lower and pushed the base deeper into himself. Not many people understood how devastatingly sexy such a sight was. The sad thing was that most people wouldn't appreciate the sight, even if they saw it. If it was the others then people would be all over it. Unfortunately Ray, and Bob too, frequently got left out.

I pushed my pants down my legs, stepping out of them once they were at my ankles. I crossed the remaining space of the room to the bed, kicking off my shoes in the way. Ray spread his legs even wider, his tip shiny with arousal. I climbed on the bed between them, licking my lips as he shifted the dildo inside him. The black shaft wasn't as big as I, which was why he loved it. It acted as preparation for me, yet still made him moan when I entered him.

After a few moments I grasped his wrist, using it to pull the toy out. The length of it was shiny, glistening with a mixture of his fluids and possibly lube. I gazed at it, licking my lips before letting him go. Instead of dropping it, he raised the toy to his lips, parting them and running his tongue along one of the raised veins. It was obviously a show, just like everything I'd seen so far had been. I pressed my dick against his hole, a beautiful, twitching pucker of flesh which I'd take time to watch open and close later. He pushed slightly back against me, wrapping his legs around me before I'd even got chance to slip inside his tight heat.

I gripped his thighs, thrusting myself into him. I tipped my head back, groaning in pleasure. I never understood how he remained as tight as he did, his muscles squeezing my dick just right. Even when on tour, when he got fucked.often enough, did he remain like it. He squeezed around me as I began to move, his large lips now wrapped around the dildo. I half wished I'd bought Frank or one of the others along so he had a real dick to suck on. I built up speed, working my way up to pounding him hard into the hotel bed. I moaned softly, trying to keep my sounds to a minimal. I wasn't sure how thin the walls here were, but I knew from experience it was best to keep quiet. Getting yelled out for making too much noise could really kill the mood.

I bit my lip to stop myself from groaning all the dirty images that came into my head. Instead, I focused on ramming him, reaching up to roll his nipples between my fingers. He purred around the dildo, squeezing tight around me. I moved harder in him, changing my angle slightly to try and ram against his spot. He cried out softly and I knew I'd hit it. I grinned, making sure to keep hitting that spot with each thrust.

I tried to keep my movements erratic, doing a few deep thrusts followed by a few quick ones. He now had the whole dildo in his mouth, which made his throat bulge. It was such a pretty sight, one which few rarely saw, not just on Ray but in general. I kept up the random pace, watching him take his large dick in hand and stroke rapidly. My eyes lidded and I slammed my hips hard into him. I didn't really feel my orgasm, but I knew I'd came. I could feel the fresh stickyness around my cock.

I pulled out from him, pulling the dildo from his lips at the same time, making him whimper. But I quickly moved and switched the round, sliding the dildo into his cum filled ass and my softening dick into his wet mouth. His lips wrapped around me, while his tongue danced over my skin, removing all traces of my cum from it. Just before he finished, he came too, the hot fluid landing in jets over my back.

I smiled, removing myself from between his pretty lips, laying beside him. "Thank you for coming." He panted softly, but grinned, knowing my words now had a double meaning. I removed the dildo from his hole, bringing it up to his lips. Too breathless to suck on it again, he just licked the mixture of liquids from it. As he did so, I used my free hand to scoop some of his cum off his belly, raising my fingers to my lips to taste him. Nice and salty as always. "Perhaps you can tour with us for awhile."

He merely nodded and I set the now clean shaft aside, planting a kiss on his full lips. I doubted he would, but I had to ask. After all, sex with Ray Toro was always much better then sex with anyone else.

Perhaps i could get Frank to join us.
Tags: fic, james dewees, james dewees/ray toro, my chemical romance, ray toro, slash
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