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Free my severed heart

I've got the new Bullet poster hanging precariously above the comp. How does Jay get his hair so shiny? It's a mystery of life.

And why do radios have such a shit signal, the one at work has become crappy today.

I've got Millennium ready to watch and I'm re-inspired so I'm finishing the one fic to (hopefully) post tonight.

Anyway, this post is mostly for my purpose, so I have an online copy of this list. Most pairings are just the pairing with no idea. So ideas are appreciated. I also often get distracted from the list by new ideas so... ohh look, shiny! Not there's not much MCR stuff in it cause I'm not really... in an MCR place (unless it's with Bob or Ray). Sometimes I feel a little... forced when I do it, because I'm not really in the right place to do anything with them (but do it anyway causa polls and stuff) so I'll just do the ones on here for now (unless I get inspired to do something else). I'd much rather do Bullet or the smaller fandoms then MCR.

Fic to-do list

Rest of Into The Darkness (Jay James/Sean Smith etc)

Ian Watkins/Bert Mccracken - hobo porn
Bullet fic (scat/pantie wearing)
Bullet fic (cuffs shoot [early idea with Johnny Devine])
Their Whore (on hiatus/posibly finished)
Bill Kaulitz/Georg Listing (possibly with Tom) [Bill in cage] (half-done)
Spencer Smith/ - crossdressing/fisting
Charlie Simpson/Will Simpson
Ten/Ten - bdsm
Ten/(possibly Master)
Matt Tuck/Eicca Toppinen
Jay James/Matt Tuck - shower sex
Ray Toro/Ilan Rubin
Jay James/Moose
Russel Howard/ (possibly being added to something else)
Link/ - Stunned with Deku nut (possibly not being done)
Matthew Leone/ - cane
Shannon Leto/
Ben Jorgenson/
Jimmy Urine/ (cause I seem to like doing him)
Oli gang rape? (as a follow up to To Teach Him A Lesson)
Jimmy Urine/Steve
Jimmy Urine/Shannon Leto?
William/Spencer/Mikey - Mikey in dom boots, william licking them while Spencer fucks his ass
Someone from Bullet with blow up sheep
Ray Toro/James Dewees Sex With Ray Toro

Possible ones from the Doctor kink meme:
Ten/Master!Simm - docking
Ten/Jack/either John Hart or Ianto - sloppy seconds and felching. Don't care who tops and who bottoms!
Ten/Jack, rimming

Bandana code fics:
Worm/Mikey Way (Apricot) [Mikey, right] Chaser
Jay James/Sean Smith (Leopard) [Sean, left: ]
Ilan Rubin/Robb Flynn (Charcoal) [Ilan, left]
David Desrosiers/Benji Madden (Brown) [David, right] Brown
Bert Mccracken/Billy Martin (Yellow) [Billy, right]
Gareth Lawerence/Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone (Gold) [Gareth, right]
Tim Kelleher/Spencer Smith (Black) [Tim, left]
Mateo Camargo/Dan Torelli (Red) [Mateo, left]
Patrick Stump/Quinn Allman (Beige) [Quinn, left]
Ben Jorgensen/Padge (Teal) [Ben, left] Teal
Bob Bryar/Omar Abidi/? (Fur) [Bob, left]
Dan Whitesides/Ray Toro (Mustard) [Dan, right]

2/3 more zombie fics (one with Ben)
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