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Yes! Front row!

Good news everyone!

There's a panto in Birmingham with John Borrowman and mum decided we should go. So last niight I looked for tickets. Most days are mostly empty. But we lucked out. I managed to find us two seats on the 3rd of January. In the front row!


The Force Unleashed has been sent, so soon I'll be lost in that. Slaughtering the galaxy will be so much fun.

I'll finish the next part of Into The Darkness and the James/Ray fic I started before then. I hope. I've had block on both last night.

Today's been ok, cept I've tired. That, and my chest (where I got hit by the bike) hurts and throbs.

Slipknot's underrated. I keep listening to this song over and over.

I got Kerrang and the Doctor Who special (although the latter was a nightmare to find cause it was hidden behind a trolley). I got really good cards, like Adipose (the escaped one), Jethro, Jack and both Luke's. I only had one double in the four packs, so that was good.

To me Kerrang's nothing special. Apart from the poster of Bullet. Jay looks so hot in it and has the wisdom to hold the award. Padge needs to learn to stop making faces. Matt seems to think Jay's an armrest. The 30 Seconds poster is propbably to big. And I can't fold it to hide Jared, cause he looks terrible.

I dunno what I'm gonna do now. I'll think.
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