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Let's keep this train wreck moving

I'm noit really informed more then was yesterday. We got 3 six days so I might have to use them. I'll sort it Friday when I next have to be there. The rest of the days are at the shop all day.

I ended up talking to the nice lady that has just started. Well, ramble at anyway.

I went to the Job center and, after all that, the money's being paid in as normal. I dunno what changed their mind, since I didn't even speak to anyone properly.

I Never Wanted To Dance is always on Kerrang.

I saw something yesterday that was cute.. They were called Meebas (or something like that) and the box implies they're... grown. They look so cute.

The Force Unleashed is ordered. Hurray! I'm awaiting it excitedly (and I'll be doing an icon later when I'm less tired). I can't wait for it. As soon as it's here it'll consume my life.

I might be doing a fic based on that James/Ray video. I need a rough idea/kink. Though I might have one.

I've got block for Into The Darkness, which I hate. I look at it and get... nothing.

I'm on Star Trek Conquest again as the Breen. It's an attempt to keep me awake.

I'll be glad when it's tomrrow. Yay for pretty Bullet poster in Kerrang and Devastator.

I keeping singing Abba again.
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