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Der Himmel ist zu schwer

I did an IQ test today. It says my score is 123. That amuses me. After spending 10 minutes looking around only I found that means I'm 'bright'. Great, I'm a lightbulb.

And now I want a monkey, cause there was one on tv downstairs. It was an ickle baby one, no bigger then a hand, climbing on the presenter. It's so cute! Especially went it sat on her head.

I still hate tomorrow. I have to be up early and ugh. It's gonna be a waste of time. Hopefully I can just get it all sorted quick and be home early (cause I still have to make that call) and not have to waste my time there.

On Tuesday I'll be preordering The Force Unleashed from Gamestation. If my money's not sorted I'll just ask mum to get it (and give her the money once I have it).

I'm watching Season 2 of Millennium now, just cause. I'll be watching the Sarah Jane repeat later cause it's the one with General Kudlak the Uvodni (why is it the name of his race has stuck with me so much?). He's hot in an odd, bug way.

I went on Star Trek Conquest several times over the past day. I've done Campaign mode as the Dominion, Klingons, Federation (the hardest in my opinion) and Cardassians. So tonight'll be Breen and Romulans. The Breen amuse me cause they look like Ubese and their government's a Confederacy. they make me think of Star Wars too much. They should do a sequel to it with the Borg, more planets and someone else. It feels like someone's missing (apart from the Borg).

I want the Clone Wars on tv now. Although if it was on I'd just be wanting it to be episode 12 already. More then any other, the day after it's been shown I will tear apart the internet until I find it. Seriously, I'll go hysterical. Because Kit vs Grievous will be one of the best things ever.

Mum, stop coming in my room when I'm half asleep, then climbing on my bed and opening my bag with certain... things in. Gah!

Why is it whenever I post a request at anon_lovefest it never ever gets written? Even when there's an interest in it. Then again, looking at the last post, only one has been done. The one I did. Are writers being culled?

I need new earphones.

I'm gonna see if I can work on the next part of Into The Darkness. It was going to be Sean's part, but it might be switched with someone else and put back a part. Until I decide that I can't do anything with it.


So now I'm gonna finish messing with the other bed and this ep of Millennium. It's got creepy evil dogs in. And mikey, I'll make you watch some of these. Especially one ep of Season one. There's a hot guy in it.
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