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I'm amazed, I'm afraid

I'm so tired. My legs ache.

Why did that bitch from the course never call back? I've no idea. I'm not looking forward to Monday.

I decided to use the radio at work today. After spending all of Wednesday listening to a Westlife single on repeat, for hours, I wanted something different. I went through the channels and found Kerrang. As soon as I heard Never Wanted To Dance I knew I'd found it.

I'm gonna just work on Into The Darkness until there's two parts of that. Only then will I do any others.

People on anon_lovefest are odd. Someone wants a Lyn-Z gang rape.

I'm going to get food in a bit, I'm hungry. And thirsty.

Then I'll go on Star Trek Conquest.

I want it to be Children In Need now. Apparently there'll be a Torchwood/Doctor Who thing for it. Maybe Ianto will meet the Doctor properly.

I had something else to ramble about, but I can't recall what.
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