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Four Open Doors

Four Open Doors
Pairing: Jimmy Urine, Tomo Milicevic/Padge, Steve Righ?/Jay James, Moose, Omar Abidi/Matt Tuck
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jimmy
Warnings: Voyeurism, rimming
Notes: Originally one of the pairings was going to Robb Flynn/Oli Sykes, but I changed my mind about that.

Drunken sex, was there anything more beautiful? I leaned against the wall of the men's toilets, watching as guys sucked off other dudes. Usually it was winners recieving the pleasure. Every stall door was open, showing off the sexual acts going on within. The last one was the only one that had ass fucking. I wrapped my hand around my cock, stroking myself as I watched them and tried to identify any of the participants.

In the first there stood a guy from Jared Leto's band, the one that wasn't his brother and did a little speech in a language I didn't understand. Between his legs, on his knees was a guy with long dark brown hair. The one standing was moving him up and down his cock rapidly, clearly having total control of the situation. The male on his knees wore a white tee, which was now heavily stained. I could hear him slurping away a the cock, so I knew he was still conscious. The moans from above him were a sure sign he was enjoying his mouthwork.

In the second was a large, dark skinned topless male. He was laying on the floor, his face cover by the ass of another long haired guy. His band had won the British band award and I was sure his name was Matt something. His fist was wrapped around his dick, pulling on it roughly as he moaned. His free hand stroked the large belly beneath him. "Oh shit... that's it you fat fuck, deeper!" Matt moaned, pushing his ass down against the other more.

The third one had a solo male, his fist pounding his cock rapidly. On the floor was the guy that had been pleasing him, obviously having passed out from too much alcohol. His tattooed arms were now covered in his own vomit. The guy jacking off clearly didn't care, his balls and cock glistening with both saliva and sweat. His eyes locked with mine for a moment, but he just smiled and kept going.

Finally, in the last cubicle sat the only guy I knew. Steve was sat on the toilet, bouncing a pretty guy on his hard cock. He was from the same band as Matt, with shiny black hair. He was perhaps the only attendee still sober, his warm brown eyes meeting my own like the previous male's had. He smirked at me, tracing his pierced tongue over his lips, then started bouncing faster. I heard Steve groan, seeing his hands wrap around the other, stroking his stomach and his tattooed arms. Steve always did like pretty boys like that. The pretty stroked his thick member in a rough time to the movements of his ass.

My eyes went from one to the other, trying to work out who would shoot first. It was sometimes hard to tell, though I had a feeling it would be Matt. That feeling proved correct, as I saw his small cock came over the fat guy's belly. He slipped to the floor, instantly bending down to lick the creamy fluid from the dark skin.

I sped up my own hand, looking between the remaining three open doors. The guy jerking himself came next, the first blast hitting the rim of his cap. He pulled his pants up his legs, zipping it quickly. He stood up and came over to me, smirking as he wiped his sticky hand over my face before he left the room. So it was now only two pairs of guys left.

I knew from experience, it took Steve awhile to cum, so assumed he'd be last. I extended my tongue, tasting the cum on my face. I focused on the first door, noting how they seemed to be speeding up, the guy from Jared's band tipping his head back and mumbling in that language again. His hips thrust against the drunk man's face, and I had a feeling they'd leave marks. He moaned out loud, his body arching off the toilet. I assumed that was when he orgasmed, so I turned back to Steve. Steve and his pretty boy, who was now mumbling too in a strange language.

It made me wish I knew languages other then English, though I had a feeling they were random mutterings and swear words. The pretty Steve was fucking climaxed, spurting over his tanned skin. His head rested back on Steve's shoulder, while Steve lapped and nipped at his neck. I didn't see Steve orgasm, as my eyes lidded. When I opened my eyes again, with my shiny suit now covered in patches of slick white fluid from my cock, I cursed myself. Steve was pushing the pretty off his body and giving him a deep kiss.

Why was it whenever I watched people fuck, I always came before the best part?

I quickly tucked myself away and left the room before Steve realised I was there.
Tags: 30 seconds to mars, bullet for my valentine, fic, fightstar, jay james, jay james/steve righ?, jimmy urine, matt tuck, matt tuck/omar abidi, mindless self indulgence, moose, omar abidi, padge, padge/tomo milicevic, slash, steve righ?, tomo milicevic
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