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Secret Places

Secret Places
Pairing: Bert Mccracken/Bob Bryar
POV: Bob
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slight-crossdressing, other things that I don't wanna mention as it'd spoil it.
Notes: Just another random idea that came into my head today. Random's good.

"Come on Bob, why so shy?" Bert was half-drunk, grinding his hips against mine. He was trying to get me naked, no doubt to make me his latest conquest. I felt the bulge of his hard dick press against my thigh. It wasn't that I wasn't interested in Bert, he was sexy in a dirty way, it's just that I was shy. And a virgin. I didn't really have much desire to lose my virginity to some drunken fumble with him.

"I... Bert..." I wiggled against him, trying to squirm away, but that only made him smirk.

"I can feel your cock Bob, you're as hard as I am." He purred softly, trailing a hand down my body slowly. "What's a blow job between friends hmm?" His hand stopped at my fly, his lips pressing against my ear while his palm rubbed insistantly against my hardness. "I promise you'll like it." I opened my mouth to make another protest, but he covered my lips with his own before I could utter a word. His tongue invaded me, wiggling against my tongue so I could taste him. He tasted of alcohol, cigarettes and another bitter taste that I couldn't identify. His fingers popped open the button of my pants, before working the zipper down too.

I felt his fingers rub against my underwear and he pulled back from my lips enough to chuckle. "So this is why you were so resistant? Don't worry, we all like to wear panties from time to time." He grinned, stroking my cock through the silken material. "You'd look sexy in a dress." He kissed me again, harder then before, his touch making me moan into his mouth. His hand shifted enough to grip the top of my panties, pulling them down as much as my open pants would allow, which ended with them just behind my balls. His fingertips brushed against the skin behind them, then he stopped. He pulled away from my lips, took a step back and looked down.

I bit my lip nervously, watching as he moved both hands to pull my pants down my thick legs until they were at my ankles. My underwear soon followed, his eyes never once leaving my crotch. "Is that what I think it is?" He asked in a soft voice, his hands on my thighs.

"Yeah." I blushed slightly, chewing on my lower lip. He spread my legs a little with his hands, then cupped and lifted up my balls slightly. Behind them was the reason I was shy, the reason I was a virgin. He ran two fingers along the usually concealed entrance, making me groan softly.

"Has anyone ever touched you there?" I shook my head as he pushed a finger inside me, being surprisingly gentle. I'd honestly expected me to react like all the others who'd seen or touched it had, both boys and girls alike, to call me a freak. This was Bert though and Bert was, above all things, sexually fluid. He'd had sex with guys and girls, both topped and bottomed. I knew he'd participated in group sex as well as having sex with brothers. He watched my face curiously as he slid his finger knuckle deep inside me, making me groan. I felt myself soak his finger with my arousal, my body trembling slightly. "Can I fuck you?"

I nodded wildly, which made him flash me a dirty grin. He used his other hand to pull my t-shirt over my head, casting it aside after I rose my arms up. The second my chest was bare, his hand stroked the skin around my nipples, as if checking to see if I had breasts. They were there, barely visible and easy to write off as fat. He smiled, leaning down to lick the slightly raised flesh, circling his soft tongue around my nipples. He pressed a second finger inside me beside the first, curving both inside my soft heat. I shifted my hands to him, my fingers working to undo his pants as best as I could. He chuckled and pulled back slightly, keeping his fingers inside me as he shrugged the pants off revealing his lack of underwear. He removed them slowly, making me whimper at the loss, even though I knew it was necessary. He raised them to his lips, examining the shiny digits before suckling them clean of my juices. His other hand pulled off his t-shirt, tossing it like he did mine when he finished sucking.

His feet kicked off his sneakers, just as I'd done when I'd gotten aboard the bus a few minutes ago. He looked into my eyes, taking my hand in his wet one and pulling me further into the bus. "Pick a place, anywhere you'd like to lose it." He gestured around the bus with a smile. "Apart from the bathroom, too cramped for it."

I scanned the space before me, then headed towards the lounge area, sitting on one of the couches. I guessed this would be better then one of the bunk's. He smiled and nodded, heading towards me, his cock as hard as mine. "Would you like me to do you while you're sitting, laying or would you prefer to ride me?"

I considered my options for a moment, then turned slightly to lay on the stained material. I spread my legs as wide as I could, resting the base of my right foot on the floor. He shifted between my legs, aiming his hardness for my wet opening as he climbed onto the couch. "Right, this might hurt a little but just relax ok?" He smiled reassuringly at me, and I had a feeling he wasn't quite as drunk as I'd suspected earlier. He ran his cock over my pussy, then looked into my eyes. When I nodded for him to go on, he did so, easing his dick inside me. I gasped as the head slid inside, letting out a low groan as the rest followed by a quick thrust of his hips. My eyes squeezed shut, his shaft making my body ache. He stroked my belly lightly, his palms shifting down to my thighs. His fingertips stroked the sides of my thick dick, his aim clearly to make me relax fully.

After a few moments he bagan to move, pulling out of me then thrusting back inside, causing us both to groan. As he started to set the pace, his right hand grasped my cock, starting to stroke it. I bucked my hips up into his hand, moaning his name as I held onto the couch cushions. Bert giggled above me, leaning down to suck on my nipples as his thrusts turned to slams, his balls slapping against me.

"Shit Bob! You feel so amazing. So fucking tight." He jerked me off faster, his other hand holding onto my thigh. His thumb was running just behind my balls, apparently seeking something.

"Shit Bert!" I arched up, moaning breathlessly as the pad of his thumb rubbed against... something. "What the... fuck..." Through my half-lidded eyes I saw him grin, his thumb continuing to press against that spot. I'd never really explored that area of my body, normally choosing just to jack myself off if I wanted to pleasure myself. The most I'd ever done to my cunt was finger myself when I was bored.

He licked a path up to my ear, sucking on my neck along the route. "That Bob, is your clit." He whispered softly, alternating between moving fast and slow within me. "Feels good doesn't it?" I nodded, shuddering beneath him as he increased the pressure of his thumb. "I'll do lots more with you Bob if you want." I nodded wildly, wondering wat else he could possibly do to me.

"Bert... fuck..." I came over our bodies, my pussy soaking his dick. He moaned at the sight, letting go of my member and running his fingers through the fluid. I heard, rather then saw, him suck on it, just as he did with the fingers he'd first inserted into me. Shortly after, I felt his dick twitch and assumed that he had came too.

This was proven a few minutes later as he pulled back, his soft cock sliding out of me. He lay on top of my, flicking his tongue over my chest while his fingers buried themselves within me, scooping out the mixture of our fluids. "Did you enjoy that?" I nodded, unable to form words, just panting heavily. He giggled again, bringing his fingers up and spreading them so that we could each taste. I smiled around his finger, wiggling my tongue against it. He purred softly, smiling. "I'll have to teach ou how to suck dick, I'm sure you'd be fantastic." I took that as a compliament as I finished cleansing his digit, wondering what else he'd be able to teach me.
Tags: bert mccracken, bert mccracken/bob bryar, bob bryar, fic, my chemical romance, slash, the used
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