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Question asked, question answered

I've only just gotten out of bed properly. I didn't wanna leave it.

So I got my money yesterday, and when I went to town I got some stickers (it's only after I open them do I realise I was charged 40p instead of 35p bah!). The day was pretty normal, cept there was a drunk guy that came in with his kid (and the kid's mum) and they started fighting. Verbally, not physically blissfully. Other then that... nothing really. I got some things from there. A werewolf figure for Mikey, a Doctor Who Shaker Maker thing (which when I got home was minus a packet of stuff, paints and a brush, but it had a TARDIS money box in there instead), a cuddly dinosaur and some Doctor magazines.

When I came back home, I found out someone had called from the course, so mum's got them to call back sometime today (saves me a call). Apparently mum spent awhile talking to her about how things were. Sigh.

I spent the rest of the night having a nap, watching Millennium and Doctor Who.

I think I had some form of dream, but I can't remember a single clear detail.

I'm gonna wait to do the call when mum's out with Dan cause I'm too... not awake now.

My answers to the OTP thing I asked the other day (that a scary amount of people answered):
Bullet For My Valentine: Jay/anyone, Jay/Padge, Matt/Padge
Doctor Who/Torchwood: 10/Jack, Ianto/Jack, Ianto/10, 10/Luke
Fightstar: Charlie/Omar, Omar/anyone
Lostprophets: Ian/Ilan
Madina Lake: Matthew/Nathan, Dan/anyone, Mateo/anyone
My Chemical Romance: Mikey/Gerard, Mikey/Ray, Ray/anyone, Bob/anyone
Panic! At The Disco: Spencer/Ryan, Spencer/Anyone
Star Wars: Kit/Grievous
The Blackout: Matthew/Sean
The Used: Dan/Jepha

Crossovers: Bert/Bob, Ian/Sean, Ian/Oli, Matt/Eicca, Charlie/Will

Yeah I'm indecisive, hence why there's many. Even so, I've probably missed some cause I'm only just awake.
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