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Just Walks Away

Just Walks Away
Pairing: None mentioned, some implied
POV: Mikey
Rating: R
Warnings: Swearing
Notes: A random idea I got yesterday, which I decided I had to do. Especially since I had ideas as I walked back after getting money.

I glanced at Gerard, blinking at the sight of him. He was topless, his skin pale and his belly flabby, and he was standing on a set of scales. He was grinning insanely. "It works, it really works!"

"Wha?" I asked him, still half asleep.

He turned to me, that grin still plastered on his face, and he held up a pill. I rolled my eyes, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. It was one of those damn weight loss pills, that he'd gotten as soon as he arrived in England three weeks back. It seemed they were having results. "I've lost a pound! Overnight."

"Wonderful." I blinked again, giving him a half smile. "Now, take that thing off." I gestured to the gold necklace that hung around his neck, the end shaped like a pill. "Just because it's free doesn't mean you have to wear it all the damn time. Besides, it's a bad message." I curled back up in my sheets, putting a pillow over my head to block out the sound of Gerard telling the others about his miracle loss.


"I'm telling you I heard something!" I sighed, shifting my hand from my erection. Couln't a guy jack off without being disturbed by a bandmate causing a fuss. I pulled my boxers up, poking my head out of my bunk.

"What's going on?"

."Frank heard something." Bob said, matter of factly.

"Is it a rat?" Ray spoke up, slight panic in his voice. His legs were firmly in his bunk, not wanting to set foot on the floor. Bob was sat beside him, stroking his hair in an attempt to relax him.

"There hasn't been a rat on any of our buses since that incident with Bert." I heard Frank giggle at the memory of the small rodent in Ray's curls, while the guitarist shrieked and tried to bat it away. "Now, where did you hear it Frank?"

He gestured at a pile of clothes that was on the floor beside Gerard's bed, the pile a mixture of all of our clothing. I slipped out of bed, stopping as part of it moved. I heard Ray let out a whimper as he watched it quiver. I shook my head, deciding that all of the other's were too pussy to actually find out what this thing actually was. I stepped over to it, reaching down and lifting up one of Bob's t-shirts, a pair of Frank's dirty underwear and the leg of my pants. We all gasped when it was revealed.

It was a small blob of off-white, about the size of a bag of sugar. It made a soft mew-like sound, turning around slightly on stumpy little legs until it faced us. "The fuck..." I heard Frank whisper from just behind me. It had a face though it only had two small black eyes and a little mouth with a single fang. Upon seeing us it promptly raised one of it's arms and waved at us.

"It's so cute!" Ray spoke from behind me, the fear in his voice clearly melted away at the sight of this creature.

"You don't see something like that on the Discovery Channel." Frank muttered softly, then he pulled back Gerard's curtain and nudged him. "Hey Gee, you have to see this!"

I crouched down in front of the creature, which was snow rolling around on its back. I could here my brother mumble awake, before adding his gasp at the sight as we all had. "It's an alien." Bob spoke up, making me roll my eyes again.

"Don't start Bob." I responded, reaching out to tentatively touch it. I knew if he started talking about aliens he wouldn't stop. He had been firmly against us coming back here with all the apparent 'alien activity' recently. Of course he'd never disappoint the fans, even if it was touch and go for a moment. "Besides, even if it is an alien, I doubt it's going to be invading or anally probing us anytime soon."

"Awwww." I couldn't place which of them said that, but rolled my eyes again.

The little creature grasped my finger as it approached it, looking at it with interest. It felt like it looked, squishy. I rubbed my finger against its belly, causing it to let out a sound comparable to a giggle. "That's so fucking adorable."

I nodded, continuing to rub it with a smile. "It feels like a marshmallow." I reported back to the others, watching it roll slightly. "I think it's only a baby... whatever it is."

"Where did it come from?" Ray had posed was a very good question. The doors and windows were all sealed tonight and there was no other way in or out.

"Maybe a teleport." Bob murmered and I shook my head.

"Hey! I lost another pound!" I turned to face my brother, who was standing on the scales again, apparently too concerned by his own weight loss to think about this little...

"Bob, would you say this little thing looks like it would weigh a pound?"

"Sure I guess but..." I could see Bob's eyes sparkle, then he looked from it to Gerard. "Are you saying.."

I bit my lip and nodded slightly, reaching under the creature and lifting it up gently. "Isn't that weight loss company's motto 'the fat just walks away'?" The baby whatever smiled up at me, mewing softly again.

"Dude, that means you're touching your brother's fat." Frank giggled after he spoke, knowing I'd done more to him in the past. I shifted to sit beside Ray on his bunk the opposite side of Bob, letting everyone gather around for a closer look.

"What do we do with it?" Ray asked, reaching forward to rub it's belly as I had done not too long ago.

"I guess we should look after it." I nodded, trying to decide what that would mean. We'd no idea what it ate, how it slept or any other of it's needs. Nonetheless, it was here so it was our responsibility. I guess we'd have to do trial and error until we got it right. "And Gerard, get rid of those fucking pills."

"No way dude, I want one!" Frank bounced up and down slightly in front of me. "And besides, we don't want it to get lonely."

"Fine." I sighed, rolling my eyes once more. Sometimes I felt like they'd roll out of my sockets sometimes. I guessed that meant we'd have more then one of these little things running around here. We'd need to get a cage or something.
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