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Make them drink blood

Why's it still so damn cold?

And why have I had a letter today about Chlamydia testing?

Yesterday was ok. There's a new person that'll be working Tuesdays with me. She's nice. And old. I was a little dizzy/light headed though. I'm getting Mikey a figure from there today. I'll also try and get Clone Wars stickers.

I'm making my calls tomorrow.

I've got my money. Got Kerrang. Kerrang's mostly... noting too special. Cept for the Matt poster (least Lyn-Z's behind him so I won't have to see her). Next weeks has a Bullet poster with the award. Huzzah!

I've done a fic, which I'll post before I leave for this afternoon.

Hope we don't all get swallowed by black holes today.
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