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Pairing: Mikey Way/tentacles
POV: Mikey
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Tentacle sex (obviously)
Notes: Written for anon_lovefest

I closed my eyes, feeling the slimy tentacles wiggle against my bare skin. They constricted against me, holding me tightly in place. Others probed at every opening to my body they could find. The ones that did that were much thinner then the ones holding me down. They tried to prod my eyes, knocking off my glasses in the process, then attempted to wiggle inside my ears and nose before finally finding the traditional openings. One wormed it's way between my lips, invading my mouth. It tasted vaguely of seawater. Another forced it's way between my asscheeks, entering me roughly.

I struggled as it pushed deep, the slick tip exploring my insides, just as the one in my mouth slid down my throat. I squeezed my eyes shut tight, digging my teeth into it as it started making me gag. At first it didn't react, but then it pulled back, the tentacle stroking my face lightly. Almost lovingly. The one in my ass was joined by a second, similar one. They wiggled and squirmed, making me erect as they pressed against my spot. I was ashamed by my hard-on, but it was enough to make me open my eyes.

The tentacles had all changed colour, from a translucent blue to a deep teal. A third entered my ass, the trio prising my pucker open wide as they pushed deeper. I wandered why they did it. Was it to fill me up, out of interest or ready me for something else? I drooled slightly, moaning in pleasure as they pulsed against me just right.

The tentacles within me kept squirming, another reaching out to stroke my cock with apparent interest. I groaned even louder, thrusing my sharp hips up. "Oh fuck... fuck..." Pre-cum leaked profusely from my tip, my body spasming in pleasure. He felt better then fingers or cock, better then my older brother's dildos. They were much more fluid then any of those things could ever be. I acrched my back, letting out a loud groan as I climaxed, the bursts of my pleasure landing on various tentacles.

The tentacles slipped out of me, but nothing bigger came to replace them. In fact the others started to release me too. I let out a soft whimper, having found that I now craved its touch. I reached to grasp at one of the tentacles, but it responded by slapping me around the head so hard I fell unconcious.
Tags: fic, mikey way, mikey way/tentacles, my chemical romance, slash, tentacle porn
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