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Where's a Death Star when you need one?

I had an unbearably shit night last night cause from 5 onwards the connection kept dying worse then normal. Then, after 9 it refused to even let me come on at all, so I ended up using mum's laptop (which I hated, causa the horrible touch pad). I hope that new router gets her soon before I go crazy.

It's also annoying to wake up and see the comp's fucked itself up. Thankfully everything was saved. (Although since it was just after a restart, nothing was running anyway.)

There was a Bob mask on ebay, which I missed out on at the very last second. Literally. Bastards. I'll keep an eye out for one.

I'm making the call today, not yesterday. I couldn't be arsed yesterday, so I watched Doctor Who.

In relation to the poll I did a few days back, the same's happened the way it always does when I do them. I look at the people voted and think 'who are they?' or that 'they haven't commented in awhile'. Whenver I do polls like these MCR always gets the most votes, but whenever I do an MCR fic less then half of the people comment if that. You want me to count your opinion on stuff like that? Then comment. It annoys me.

I'm gonna go back to bed, cause I'm cold and it's 7:30.

Edit: And as soon as I get into bed, it arrives.

Edit 2: And it needs a password I've not got yet to work *sighs8

And the reason the money's not been in? They sent a cheque with that letter (that was still in the envelope). Who sends a letter without mentioning the cheque within once?
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