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Into The Darkness Part 3

Into The Darkness
Pairing: Jay James/Ian Watkins, Jay James/Padge
POV: Jay
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Blood, gore, killing, cannibalism, necrophilia, scat.
Notes: Here's part 3. This part is based on the pic of Ian (and this one). I know it's soon to post after the other fic but... eh.
1: Charlie
2: Padge

3: Ian

I walked along one of the main streets of Pontypridd, humming softly to myself. I came to one of the local town's sometimes, to shop or just to wander around. I had a few bags in my hand, containing several dvds and cds. My eyes scanned the street as I weaved my way through the other busy shoppers. Animals, all of them. My eyes found something curled up in a sidestreet a few meters away. I headed towards it, stopping just in front of it.

It was clearly a man, homeless from the looks of it, and laying on the floor among some old clothes. "Hey there." He looked up slightly, showing me a pretty face with shining eyes. He looked slim, probably from starvation. In front of him there was a hat that was full of change. He looked pretty enough for me though and with him living on the street, no one would miss him. "Want to make a hundred quid?" His eyes sparkled and he nodded wildly. "Come home with me." He nodded and started to stand up, cradling all his items in his hands. "What's your name?"

"Ian." He whispered softly in a quiet voice, his accent clearly local. "What will I have to do?"

"That'll be for me to decide. But you'll be well fed." He beamed, holding his clothes closer to his chest, shuffling behind me as I led him away towards the car park. All too easy.


The drive was uneventful for the most part. I learned he was 30 and he had several tattoos inked into his skin. He had been living on the street now for well over a year, for reasons that he didn't reveal to me. Not that I'd care if he did. He lived on a mix of scraps, whatever he could get with the change in his hat and his own shit. A strange mixture. Of course he wouldn't make good food right now, so I'd have to plump him up first.

Or I could just kill him for fun.

I pulled up outside my house, turning off the ignition before undoing my seatbelt. "Home sweet home."

"Wow..." He spoke softly, clearly impressed. His eyes were wide with wonder as he stepped out of the car seconds before I did, his things still bundled in his arms. I circled the car until I stood by him and flashed him a smile, grabbing his arm and guiding him towards the door. I pull my keys out of my pocket, sliding the main one into the lock and twisting it. I pushed the door open slowly, gesturing for him to enter before me. He was far too trusting.

I pushed the door closed once I was inside and whispered in his ear. "Drop your things anywhere." He nodded, letting what few items he had fall beside the wall. I did the same, letting my bags drop beside the door. I'd sort them out once I'd dealt with him. The important thing with live prey was to have complete control of the situation. "Come with me." I shifted in front of him, taking his arm again and leading him into the room I called my 'false' living room.

The room looked pretty much like any living room should, with a couch, chairs, small coffee table and tv. The whole point was that it looked normal, unassuming. The real one was decorated in ways that would give me away. "This is a nice place you have." He whispered softy, perching on one of the sofa cushions.

"Thanks." I smiled at him, reaching out to stroke his cheek lightly. "You must be hungry." He leaned into my touch, nodding profusely. Of course, it was obvious he was hungry, especially after hearing his stomach growl so much on the way here. I left his side, heading through the doorway to the kitchen, pulling some beers from the fridge along with a sandwich Padge had made for me. Made from Charlie.

I returned to Ian's side, handing him the plate and one of the bottles. I barely had chance to blink before he had the food in his mouth, devouring the whole thing in seconds. I couldn't help but chuckle softly at the sight. He blushed, undoing the top of the bottle and raising it to his lips, gulging the amber liquid down. I sat beside him, resting back on the couch after placing the plate on the table. I placed my hand on his knee, stroking it lightly. His lips looked so pretty wrapped around the bottle. He seemed to notice me watching, as he flicked his tongue around the rim. Little slut.

He lowered the bottle from hs mouth, a few droplets of fluid on his lips. "What would you like me to do?" He whispered, his voice quiet yet slightly stronger. Clearly he felt better with something in his belly.

"Take off your clothes." I replied with a smirk, trailing my hand up his thigh slowly. He nodded, gulping as he set the glass bottle down beside the plate. He stood up, reaching down to pull his t-shirt off his thin frame, letting it drop beside him. Definitely far too skinny to eat. He reached down, undoing his jeans that hung slightly down his legs. As soon as they were undone they fell down his legs. His underwear followed. I studied his now bare body, licking my lips at the sight of the winged-gun tattoos on his hips. Between them he had a nice-sized cock, which was half-hard. His skin was covered in various stains of dirt and other things, which I had no interest in ridding him of.

I spread my legs wide, nodding for him to get on his knees. He slipped down onto them, moving his hands to my crotch. He quickly undid the fly, opening up my jeans to pull out my throbbing cock. I heard him gasp at the size of it, then moved a hand down and slapped my thick shaft against his face. He groaned as I repeated the action, leaving a sticky smear on his cheek. I used my other hand on his hair, tangling it in his black locks and pushing him onto my cock. He half-groaned, half-gagged as I forced my dick down his throat. He was clearly out of practice with this kind of thing, if he'd ever done it before. I was sure he'd had some action before he was homeless. After all, he could have only looked more pretty then.

I moved his head up and down my shaft, his tongue flicking over my cock once he got used to it's size. His lips squeezed around me in pulses, his eyes flicking up to meet mine. His hands shifted, stroking my still clothed thighs as he sucked. He wasn't as good as Padge was, but he wasn't bad either. He just needed practice. He rubbed his thumbs over the soft, wrinkled skin of my sac, sending waves of pleasure through my body.

Just before I came, I yanked his head back roughly, shooting over his face. He let out a low groan, keeping his mouth wide open to catch any spurts in that direction. I allowed some to land on his tongue, enjoying watching him swallow the salty liquid. I smiled down at him and whispered softly. "Very good." He returned my smile, glad that he'd pleased me. His cock wasn't erect, though I suspected that was more due to his poor health then lack of enjoyment. "Bend over the table."

He stood shakily, turning around and doing as I asked. His ass was round, hairy and obviously dirty. I couldn't help but lean forward, prising his cheeks apart and licking along the cleft. I purred at the taste of his filth, cleansing all of it from the hairs between his cheeks. He moaned softly, gripping onto the edges of the glass table. I buried my tongue into him, scooping out everything I could find within. I swallowed it, pulling back and licking my lips lightly in satisfaction. I think I'd keep this one awhile.

"Would you like to stay?" I asked him, running my palms over the globes of his ass cheeks as I spoke.

"Stay..." He repeated softly and I could sense the uncertainty in his voice.

"Indefinitely." I licked my lips, still stroking his hairy skin. "You'll be well fed, don't worry." I smirked, running my fingers along his crack, hearing him release a purr. "I'll take... good care of you. Unless, you'd rather go back to the streets..."

He shook his head wildly, visibly shaking at the thought of going back. "No, I'll stay." I chuckled and forced a finger into him, burying it knuckle deep inside his wet passage. He gasped and I wiggled it, pulling it back to add in a second. I watched him rut against the table his semi-hardness twitching at my action. I curled my fingers within him, flicking my eyes to the doorway. I could see Padge watching, his hand stroking his thigh. I gave him a small nod and he grinned, taking his erection in hand and starting to stroke. I knew it would take him a long time to cum, so I had to be sure to give my pet something to enjoy.

I removed my fingers, sucking them briefly before I stood up. My saliva-slick cock was now hard again, rigid with arousal. I ran it along his crack, stopping at his beautifully twitching asshole. I held his cheeks open, ramming into him roughly, making him cry out in pain. I didn't give him chance to adjust, instead just fucking him harshly. I buried my nails into his soft flesh, hearing him swear in our native tongue. I hated that so few actually knew it anymore, let alone spoke it well. Of course, he didn't speak much more then swear words right now, but it was still hot.

I responded to his words with some of my own, ramming harder into him, my balls slapping against his arse each time. I let out low groans as I pummelled him, moving my hands to scratch at his back. Soon enough I'd be doing this to still, his icy form. And I'd have fun with him, unlike what I'd done to Charlie. When I'd kill him he'd know exactly who I was. Exactly what I was. He was prey and I was his predator, he just didn't know it yet. I draped myself over his body, biting hard into his neck. I came hard within him as I tasted blood, thoughts of his exposed flesh racing through my mind.

Before I pulled out, I gestured for Padge to come closer, knowing his dick would still be hard as a rock. "Because you've been so good, you may fuck him." I whispered in his ear as I moved away, enjoying the show as his hard-on pushed into Ian's leaking entrance. Naturally his head twisted back, his eyes wide as they met Padge's. "Don't worry about him, he's just my little pet." I chuckled softly as his fragile form tried to struggle anyway, but Padge pinned him in place with no effort. I smiled, sitting back to watch them fuck, Padge going even harsher then I had been.

It was quite a pretty sight, especially when Ian started sobbing, despite being almost fully hard. After a few minutes of alternating between looking at Padge's firm cheeks, his thrusting hips and Ian's face, I moved around to sit in front of Ian. "You don't mind my little pet fucking you too do you?" He shook his head, swearing in Welsh as Padge rammed into him. "Good." I reached forward and stroked his face lightly, smiling with false reassurance. I glanced up at Padge as he came, his eyes squeezing shut tight as he he did.

"Pet, eat him out then prepare some food." Padge nodded and fell to his knees, burying his face between Ian's cheeks and scooping our fluids out with the soft flesh of his tongue. Tonight, Ian would eat, then sleep with us. Tomorrow, he'd be in the basement. Then I'd see how I could get him fatter. I couldn't help but smirk at him as I returned to my seat, watching Padge quickly finish off with his arse.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, ian watkins, ian watkins/jay james, jay james, jay james/padge, lostprophets, padge, slash
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