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*Enters insane rant mode*

I'm generalising slightly, so forgive me.
Ok, around 2000 years ago the Christians were persecuted just for being what they were. They were imprisoned, killed and thrown to the lions. Years later they became established and such things ended in the western world (which at the time was Europe)

Over a millenia later, blinded by their on personal hatred, they forget their own teachings and experiences of persecution and attack the gay community. Jesus, their prophet, never mentioned us, never said we were wrong, or evil. In fact he (or someone else I can't recall) said judge others and ye shall be judged the same way by god.

And yet somehow they try to find justification for their hatred. Forgetting their own bloodshed. Forgetting their own suffering. Instead, they try to justify causing others suffering. It's ironic how, in their insesant and constant insults and preaching,they are in fact condemning themselves to hell.

I just hope that they realise their mistake before they start a fucking war that will end everyone. The suffering needs to end, and it needs to end now. People shouldn't be imprisoned, or worse for being gay. We should have an equal standing, because whichever god there is, sees us all as equal.

End rant.
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