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Professor! Lava! Hot!

Again I feel drained, even though I've not done anything. I also feel very very cold. it feels like winter, not early September. I've spent most of the day so far under the covers cause of it. My legs feel like ice otherwise.

I've pondered doing a poll, but I've forgot what of. If I remember, I'll post it.

I'm gonna go back now. I don't know what else to do. The cold's making me have a creative block. Maybe I'll go on Smash Brothers again later.

If anyone im's, I'll get out of bed to reply.

I hate the cold.

I got interviewed by x_monroeville_x comment if you wanna be/have questions of your own.

1) You write a lot of different fic, but who is, hands down, your all time OTP?
Oh that's hard. Before I used to say the Ways, but I don't think it is anymore. Now it's a Jay pairing, but I don't know which.

2) If you were entrusted with a video tape of Gerard and Mikey having sex that no one else in the world had seen, would you show it to people or keep it a secret for the Way's sake?
I wouldn't keep it to myself. Cause I'm like that. I'd squee like mad and show it to everyone I knew. Well, after watching it 10 times

3) How did you meet your boyfriend? (I'm sure you've said this in your journal somewhere, but my brain is a sieve XD <3)
Through slash. Mcfly slash if I remember right. Apparently he kept flirting with me online, giving me subtle hints, but I didn't notice until he'd almost given up :[

4) How would you feel if they made a new Star Wars film and Matt Tuck starred in it? What role do you think he'd be good in, existing character or not? (XD)
Well I dunno how they could do one, but he could always be in the planned live action series *nods* He could be an intergalactic whore!

5) Are you considering ever going to university or are you happy to be working instead?
I considered it once. I was meant to go two years ago, but I'm glad I didn't, cause things fucked up so much. I don't wanna do it

"Letter Meme"
Let me know if you want a letter
Then you have to list ten things you LOVE that begin with that letter.
Afterward, post this in your journal and give out some letters of your own.
I got K from alien_grlfriend

1: Kerrang
2: Kylie Minogue
3: Kill Hannah
4: Kit Fisto
5: Kittens
6: Koalas
7: The Kerrang Awards
8: Kamino
9: Karen Walker
10: Kazuo Kiriyama
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