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Like a sheep loves grass

I'm not having a good day.

First, the modem Mikey's sent has taken ages to get set up (and doesn't seem to have done much good). I'll feel better when wireless is here.

Second, I had a letter that pisses me off, saying that I won't get the next lot of money in (which was earmarked for Force Unleashed), causa not going to the course last time even though I explained and thought it was sorted. So I have to call up this afternoon and hope I don't kill them

Third, my money isn't in yet this time. I checked at the machine up the road and it says it isn't. I might check at the post office one later. (But the weather's too bad for it now)

I did look at Kerrang though (just a quick look. I really want it). Bullet look pretty. You know what annoys me? At the back it shows the posters in next week (a Reading/Leeds special) and there's one of fucking Lyn-Z. This annoys me for the usual reasons (I hate her/she's a whore etc) but also two others. Firstly there's other people in the band and a Jimmy one would make more sense. Second, she's the bassist. So far she's had at least two posters of her. There are no other bassists with posters. Ever. Not even Mikey fucking Way, Why should she get two and he doesn't get one?

Gah! That pisses me off.

This month's Kerrang calendar amuses me. Why can't other bands do photoshoots with dildos? (like Bullet)

Drunk Padge is amusing and it doesn't help the lusty dreams I've had about him. He hasn't replaced Jimmy, he's just been added in. With Jay in the middle.

So instead of just being able to rest today, I've got to go out (which I was hoping to do this morning, but the weather's bad so..) and make a call without being getting too pissy. Damnit.

I might be ble to relax later though. Hopefully. If money's in, so I can get Kerrang and perv on it (but there's enough in for Kerrang anyway, so...).
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