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Tent Space

Tent Space
Pairing: Padge/Charlie Simpson
Rating: NC-17
POV: Padge
Challenge: 22: Your tent or mine?
Notes: Wrote quick cause I had this idea for it this morning.

He lay down on the tent floor, his tall frame only just fitting in the small space. A small part of me wished I'd gone back to his, since there'd no doubt be more room to accomdate him. Our clothes were thrown around the room, our naked bodies pressing against each other. I could hear music and drunken people outside, but we ignored them. He spread his legs wide and I eased my large dick into his stretched hole. He groaned below me, but I silenced him with my lips, swallowing any sounds he wanted to make. I thrust my hips against him, pounding hard into him as his legs shifted until they were over my shoulders.

I kept pounding him, able to thrust deeper into him. Each time my cock hit his spot, making hm moan and leak beneath me. His hand grabbed his smaller dick, rapidly wanking himself in a frenzy of movement. We released, moments apart from each other. He did first, shooting so hard that the first burst landed on his pretty chin. I barely had chance to lick the salty droplets up before I shot deep inside his tight ass.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, charlie simpson, charlie simpson/padge, fic, fightstar, padge, slash
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