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Soon you will fall, as all jedi must

I'm tired again. It's very tiring standing around there and walking. There was a pretty that came in with odd hair, a nice old guy and an amusing woman in a wheelchair (amusing cause she kept saying to the man with her 'push me there!')

There was a broken piece of jewellery, so I took it home instead of throwing it. it's pretty and purple.

There's something there I like cause it's cute. There's also a Kylie book that's written by a Sean Smith.

Tomorrow's kerrang looks fairly good, but I won't get it to Thursday (I hope the place up the road also has that Doctor Who card magazine like they did the last one... maybe it'll have new stuff in it).

Mum's managed to sign us up for aol wireless. Cause we got a call apparently.

Doctor's still not here. I wants it.

I dunno what I'll be watching tonight, but I know it'll be another series. Maybe Angel from series 1 (although it'll annoy me I'm missing a disc from two) or Millenium.

I hate how people can still manage to be incredible assholes. Bah.

However, there's one very important thing left and that's this! A new Clone Wars trailer! Be warned it takes ages to load. (I still wish I new when it would be on tv here. I hope so much I'll be able to see it, but I'll still search for it online the day after it's shown.) There's so many things in that to squee about. Lots of Grievous! Amusing battle droids. Kit's padawan. Ventress. The Malevolence firing it's ion weapon! Rodian fish! And best of all (even though it's only a brief second) the Kit/Grievous duel! Yay! That'll be the BEST one ever (unless Kit gets topless again). Once I see that episode I can die happy.
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