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Pairing: Ray Toro/Mikey Way
Rating: NC-17
POV: Ray
Warnings: Scat, BDSM, toys, fisting

I glanced up at him as the door opened and he stepped inside, dressed in his usual outfit. For him that meant tight jeans clearly meant for the opposite gender, a black t-shirt and his boots. Slowly he moved down the stairs, his eyes on me. I shifted over the floor, crawling in his direction until he raised a hand, indicating I should stop. Once he reached the bottom of the stairs he cast his eyes around, scanning everything. The room was pretty much a standard basement, albeit a lot cleaner and with random pieces of furniture scattered around. And shackles drilled into the wall.

I chose to be here, to be his. I chose to be naked on his floor, shut down here for him to do as he wished. I licked my lips as he approached, his booted foot stepping into a pile of my shit. He looked mildly annoyed by that, though didn't seem to truly mind. He came to me, leaning against a table and raising his filthy foot. I extended my tongue, licking it off him even though he hadn't said anything. He didn't have to. The taste and smell didn't bother me, not any more. I knew he got off on the humiliation of it just as much as I did.

"How have you been doing little one?" He asked in a soft voice, still keeping his boot firmly on my face. He didn't truly expect me to answer, so I didn't. Instead I just kept licking at the sole of his boot, ensuring it was cleansed of my waste. Seemingly satisfied, he planted his boot back on the ground, grabbing the dark curls of my hair and pushing me back towards it. This time I licked at the rest of his shoe, tasting the leather and metal of it. When I was done, he shifted my head to the other.

I allowed my eyes to dart up over him, taking in the vision of beauty that was him. To most he looked unassuming and no one would suspect just how kinky he was. Even now, in his own basement dungeon he looked slightly out of place. Well, apart from his boots that were now glistening with my spit. He was skinny, more then a little awkward and had dark rimmed glasses atop his nnose, his brown hair hanging almost to his shoulders at places. However, beneath all that he had a dominant side. He'd used me in all the usual ways, plus a few I'd never even thought of. I knew I wasn't the first person he treated like this and sometimes I had the feeling I wasn't the only one either. I never asked him about that, plus I got the distinct feeling he'd only cause me pain until I forgot what my question was if I did.

Once I was done with both boots he moved away from me, humming softly to himself. I'd been down here a whole day without his attentions and I'd be glad with anything I could get. He moved around the room, examining the furniture he kept down here, stroking the wood of each as he moved by them. There wasn't much down here. Just closets, chests of drawers, a table and a few chairs. The first two contained various items he'd use on me, though I was sure I'd never seen them all. The latter had strategically placed restraints to hold me in place. Eventually he stopped moving, after three circuits around the room. He opened the middle drawer of the chest he was standing in front of and looked over the items within. After a few moments, he shoved the drawer back and resumed moving.

Sometimes he did that for up to an hour, circling, stopping, looking and then circling again. I often wondered if he really was searching for the right things to use or if it was to torment me. Perhaps it was both. He opened a closet door and pulled out something, throwing it in my direction. It was a fishnet top, which I realised was a size or two too small as I slid it on. I'd worn stranger things though. He had full body rubber suits, school girl outfits and corsets in there. I knew there was always something I hadn't seen though.

After a few more movements he stopped again, pulling out an item from one of the drawers. It was a large dildo, bigger then any cock I'd seen. It had to be at least 13 inches along and 2 wide. He came over to me a smirk on his his pretty lips. "Bend over. On all fours." I shifted back to my usual position, knowing that the black rubber shaft would soon be buried inside me. He set the dildo on the table, then spread my large cheeks apart. His fingers delved between my cleft, removing the plug that was lodged up my passage. He'd inserted it into me when he first locked me down here and I was only allowed to remove it to shit. As such, I knew without looking that the deep purple surface was slightly dirty. He pleced it before me and I licked at it to clean, knowing it would help to take my mind off what he was about to do.

I felt the blunt head press against my twitching opening. I closed my eyes, licking the sides of the plug as he pushed it into me. It was slow movement, his hand stroking my skin to relax me until he eased the head inside. Once it was in me he waited a handful of seconds, then thrust the shaft into me. I let out a low cry of pain, arching my back as it penetrated me. It don't enter me fully in the first thrust, but probably got about halfway. He allowed me another few seconds to adjust to it, then eased it out until just the tip was inside me. He kept it then for a brief moment, then rammed it back into me, managing to get deeper this time.

He did this process about three times, each time getting it further into me until finally, I felt the base at my ass. It hurt, being stretched so wide and deep, but there was a hint of pleasure to the pain. Again he allowed me to adjust, stroking my cheeks gently. He began ramming it within me, making my hard cock start to drip at the feeling. Of course, with each thrust the pleasure and pain ratio changed until I was moaning like so cheap slut.

When he moved it back again, he removed it fully, returning it to the table. The loss of it made me whimper, but I knew he'd make sure to replace it soon enough. He snatched the plug from before me, dropping it besdie the dildo before removing his clothing. I kept my eyes on it as he shed then jeans and t-shirt, placing both on a chair. He slender dick stuck out froom his cock, as aroused as my own. But instead of ramming the beautiful dick into me, he pushed three fingers inside. They wiggled within me, then he added his little finger and thumb alongside them. I pushed back against him, squeezing my wide hole around him as best I could. Of course, he had ideas of his own. He pushed his hand into me, pushing it deep into my passage. I let out low groan, his fingers pressing against my walls. I'd never felt so... well filled before. It was an amazing feeling. His digits kept wiggling, clearly searching for my spot. Once he made me release a breathy gasp, he kept manipulating it with them, making me leak even more.

"Touch yourself." He spoke softly, but loud enough for me to hear even through my pleasure. I moved my right hand down to my large dick, taking it in hand and jacking off as best I could. He kept massaging my spot insistantly, making my cock throb and pulse in my hand. After being fucked by the dildo and now his hand buried within me, I was close. I came not long after that thought, then hot fluid mostly landing over the fishnet that covered my belly.

He worked his hand out of me, the sounds it made making me groan again. He quickly shifted until he stood before me, ramming his hips forward so his dick was in my curls. He worked his hips at a rampant pace, his balls slapping against my forehead as he did so. I had a feeling he'd used his other hand to jerk himself off while he fisted me. It was often hard to tell when he was doing such things, especially since he made such little noise when he received pleasure. I looked up at him, still panting softly as he tipped his head back. He came, the fluid landing in my hair in a series of short spurts.

When he was finished he stepped away, picking up his clothes and heading back up the stairs. "Rest. I'll be back soon." I nodded slightly, my body collapsing to the solid floor with a low thump. I knew soon to him would probably be hours, if not tomorrow. I was always glad for a break though. I smiled in contentment, curling up and letting myself drift off into slumber.
Tags: fic, mikey way, mikey way/ray toro, my chemical romance, ray toro, slash
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