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That shade of red doesn't occur in nature

Oh I hate that bitch, I just want to rip her head off. I'm forced to do the shitty thing. But what I'm doing could be my experience for it. So hopefully all I have to do is the paperwork first day and drop off sign on sheets and that's it. (In fact on the first day I'll make sure of it. I'm not wasting my time there.)

Still, it's fucking annoying and I hate it to an insane degree. Mostly cause it means I can't be with Mikey when he needs me.

The only good things are I'll get more money and I'm now rid of that bitch. The money may mean I can get a mask, but only if they're still in stock at the start of next month.

I'm gonna go and watch Ugly Betty (then finish off Angel cause Illyria's awesome).

And what the fuck is wrong with Gerard's hair?
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