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Citizens of New Atlantis self destruct!

I'm trying to find caps of Lindsey's tattoos. It's hard to look for when the net keeps breaking. I wanna make an icon.

Smile Time! I'm so glad I've finally watched that, I don't remember the last time I laughed so hard. Puppet!Angel vs Spike! And the puppet with a horn!

I'm done with disc four now, so Illyria's in it. I've always loved her hair. It's so cool and pretty and blue. (And the Drogyn guy's hot.)

I've finished and posted the next Jimmy fic. There may be another (damn I have ideas for two, that fucker). The fixation isn't over by ficcing it seems. Damn him. Damn the fucker.

The connection's still iffy (obviously) which I despise so much.

I did ok today. I'm now signed on the register and have three set days. Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. All afternoons. I did a few more on the till alone.

When I go in Monday I hope the fucking bitch will listen and take the hint. I'm gaining experience on my own, I don't need to go on a stupid course which'll take it away from me (and make me too drained to do the Saturday one) for no guarantee of anything.

I hate the walking though, but I might be able to get money back if I go by bus. I have to ask bout that. And about a contact number for them in case anything happens. (Which I didn't think to ask for like the div I am.)

I found an odd thing. It's like a rubix cube only cylindrical. Mmm.

When moneys in I'll try and use play to get the Clone Wars figs (which are a £5 each).

I have pepsi. Which is good I guess.

And great, now I wanna watch Star Wars. Maybe after finishing Angel.
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