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Two Tongues Are Better Then One

Two Tongues Are Better Then One
Pairing: Jimmy Urine/Gerard Way/Mikey Way
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jimmy
Warnings: None really, rimming, 69ing...

I sat back in my chair watching as the brothers crawled into the room. They both were completely devoid of clothing and were looking at the floor. They shifted across the floor towards me, stopping once they were before me. I waited a few moments, enjoying the sight of their quivering forms. "Lick my feet." They opened their lips, extending their tongues to lap at my soles. Gerard took my big toe between his lips, swirling his wet tongue around it. When I let out a low moan at the action his younger brother followed suit with my right.

I ran my fingers through Gerard's hair, smirking to myself. I was so glad I'd caught them together. They both suckled on my toes, then pulled back to lick over my skin. Mikey focused on the ball of my foot, while Gerard concentrated on my toes. Every flick of their tongues made my hard dick twitch. "Stop." Instantly they pulled back, which made me smile to myself. I was glad how well they took instruction. "Put on a nice little show for me."

They glanced at each other briefly, then kissed hungrily. I smirked again, licking my lips as Mikey pushed his brother onto his back and climbed onto him, grinding his hips against his belly. Both moaned into each others mouths, hands groping randomly at whatever skin they could. Their dicks were both hard and dripping. Mikey's was longer and thinner then Gerard's. They broke the kiss and Mikey moved around atop him, until their crotches were before their faces. I heard them both take deep breaths, then they opened wide and swallowed each other. I rested my feet on Mikey's back, enjoying the sight of them sucking each other off. Their throats bulged in an almost obscene way while they did it. It was always so much hotter to watch people fucking, sucking or whatever else in front of my eyes then in porn. I reached down, stroking the side of my shaft with a fingertip, not wanting to jerk myself off to climax. Not when I had such pretties available to pleasure me instead.

Mikey shifted off his brother's thick dick, licking over the tip and down the shaft along one of the veins. He stopped at his balls, lapping over the wrinkled skin before taking them between his lips. I could hear Gerard moan around the dick in his mouth. One of Mikey's hands held onto his thigh to prevent him from thrusting, while his tongue continued it's journey. He next went for the sensitive area behind his balls, which made the older male squirm even more. With his free hand, Mikey parted his brother's legs, shifting his head until he was close to his ass. I could see his tongue extend again, delving into the cleft. He pressed his face against Gerard's ass as it was presented to him, allowing him to get deeper. Gerard's hands reached around to grip the younger male's ass, his short nails digging into the pale skin. I made a mental note to get Mikey to eat me out later.

Gerard increased his speed, gazing at me while he sucked dick. "Fuck him." I wasn't sure which I was addressing with that. They moved off each other slightly, making loud slurping sounds as their heads jerked back. Both their lips were shiny and sticky with each others fluids. Mikey rolled him onto his stomach then mounted him again, pushing his cock between his fat cheeks. A quick slam of his sharp hips and he was buried fully inside his wet passage, earning a moan from Gerard. Mikey held his brother, pummelling in and out of him. My cock leaked at the sight and I returned my hand to the chair's arm, digging my nails into the fabric. I had to resist the urge to stroke myself, even when Mikey dived down and buried his face in Gerard's right arm pit. His tongue lapped at the hairy skin, tasting the sweat.

He reached around, taking Gerard's slick member in hand and starting to stroke. Another groan came from Gerard's lips, the sound almost drowned out by Mikey's hips hitting his ass. Mikey was surprisingly fast, his thrusts deep despite their speed. He pulled away from his brother's pit, his lips coated in sweat. Unlike his brother he was strangely silent, still not making any sounds of pleasure nor really showing it in his face. I never expected him to be so expressionless during sex, though perhaps I shouldn't be so surprised. After all, he seemed to wear a blank expression most of the time, like his head was as empty as a soccer ball.

I watched Gerard as his eyes squeezed shut, his head tipping back as he came over his belly. Mikey kept going though, but his pace was becoming slightly more erratic. A pair of thrusts would be almost instantaneous, then the next one would come a few seconds later. He ran his fingers over Gerard's belly, seemingly collecting as much of the pearly fluid as possible. After a few moments he raised them to his own lips, sucking them clean in turn. When he finished each one he slammed into him hard, making him release a low cry.

Eventually he stopped his movement and pulled out of his brother, his dick slimy with own cum and Gerard's juices. I blinked slightly at him, wondering when the fuck he'd came. Maybe he'd came early or late, or even twice during their session. I knew I'd never know. Especially as he slide to his knees and returned his head to Gerard's ass, probing the just fucked hole with his tongue. I watched, transfixed as he did that. After awhile he stopped doing that to, turning to me with a sly smile and crawling back to me, placing his hands on the arms of the chair to use as leverage to pull himself onto it. Then his lips met mine, his tongue pushing easily past my surprised lips, but not in a forceful way. There was a fair amount of him and his brother on his tongue, which he shared with me. He tasted salty and dirty. He pulled back as lazily as he'd kissed me, then returned to the floor, awaiting my instruction.

By now of course my dick couldn't take much more, so I ran my fingers through my drooping spikes and rose to my feet. "Lick my ass." I spoke those words looking directly in Mikey's eyes, then turned to Gerard, who was still panting. "You on my cock." He nodded as I took a few steps forward, both moving to their respective places. At exactly the same moment they pressed their faces against me, Gerard swallowing my cock whole while Mikey prised my cheeks open and assualted my ass with his tongue. I held onto each of their heads, letting out my own moans as they pleased me. Gerard bobbed his head at an almost blinding pace, managing to always flick his tongue over my leaking head as he did. Mikey circled his tongue at a lazy pace in my ass, running it over my walls. Occasionally he'd pull back, licking my crack while he took a breath of air. Rimming wasn't like giving head. You can breath through your nose while sucking a dude off, but eating out ass... well, it was harder to get air.

It didn't take long for me to feel myself get close and I pushed Gerard away before I could release. "In front of me." Mikey crawled into position, pressing his face as close to his brother's as possible. They took the unspoken hint, reaching out with their tongues to lick at my soft head while Mikey reached up and jerked me off. I counted how many times it took him to get me off. I only got to five before splattering over their pretty little faces. Sure, they caught a good deal of it in their mouths, but I made sure to get it everywhere. That was fairly easy since I came much more then either of them.

Satisfied at last, I returned to my seat. Their eyes were on me, shining slightly among their sticky faces.

Again, I was glad I'd caught them.
Tags: fic, gerard way, gerard way/jimmy urine/mikey way, gerard way/mikey way, jimmy urine, mindless self indulgence, my chemical romance, slash
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