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My therapist said I was hanging on to false hope

It's took me pretty much all night to get a fucking stable connection. Gah! I've wanted to talk to/pester people, but I wasn't able to do that at all. So I want to rip out someone's eyes for that.

I'm suspecting it may be due to roadworks over the road, though I'm not sure how. It's only been wonky since they started using heavy machinery on it.

I tried to write last night, but causa net I just... couldn't. Mostly cause the comp suggest it can be solved with restarts (after 5 I gave up). I managed to write three paragraphs, which is shit considering I wanted to start and finish it in one go.

I watched the next disc of Angel, but it did little to calm me down. Well until my slashy mind activated and thought of Andrew/Lindsey/Spike. I wonder if there's any of that around? I'll have to look after. I love Andrew, he's such an adorable geek (and obviously gay). I might do something with him.

And gah, even the connection I had to do all that went. It seems to only like connecting well when I'm on the phone. Why the fuck's it acting up so much?

Apparently HMV has decided the card's ok and is processing the order to send. I'm so confused.

I'm gonna be going soon. Hopefully when I come back I'll have a stable connection. If not I'll start killing.

And one last thing: why is it the masks have to be almost sold out when I won't have any fucking money for even Bob's? I guess I can work out how much it'll be and try Thursday.
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