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In a car underwater with time to kill

I'm back, I'm tired.

I'm annoyed. The comp's been having an iffy connection again. Bah. It's took me an hourish to get back on.

I'm writing another Jimmy fic. Hopefully it'll be done soon.

Today's been spent at the charity shop. I can now use the till! I even did some on my own. It's not that hard (I swear all the buttons are just there to confuse/for shop admin), although I did mess up a little at first. But I've got the hang of it and I'll be back tomorrow afternoon. My legs are tired though. After walking there and back and spending about 3 hours standing there. It was good though. I feel like I'm doing something.

I did get a dvd from there before I went. Absolutely Fabulous Series 1.

I'm through the first two discs of Angel. Next one tonight maybe.

I hate, hate, hate that stupid card. Like I said I used it on hmv and I've had an e-mail saying it won't work. So I call em up and they say it's the card, but I put £13 on it before I made the order and the order's only £12. So I'll have to get it with the card personally Monday if it doesn't go through before then. There goes all hope of using it online to get the stuff I want (at least stuff on hmv). Fucking thing.

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