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You're only here for our amusement

So I'm back again. I'm pretty much accepted for it. I've gotta go in again tomorrow for till training/a look round. So... yay. Hopefully I'lll end up with a few weekday afternoons to negate the stupid course. I'm hoping as long as they see I'm doing something on my own it'll mean I won't have to do it. Getting experience on my own is way better then being stuck in a room for x amount of weeks with no guarantees.

Other good things, my money's in. So I used it to get some shopping and the Doctor Who special (Astrid in the TARDIS is < 3). I also got two dvds, the animated Doctor Who (which I've wanted for ages, especially since Mikey got it) and Bewitched (the series, not the supposedly terrible film). I used to love Bewitched as a kid (and I Dream Of Jeannie), even though it was from the 60's. It's still funny. It's only the first nine episodes though (and it runs for almost 4 hours so one must run long).

I also put some money on my card and used it online for the first time (to order the last Doctor Who episodes of series 4).

We have lots of doughnuts to eat, cause there was no chocolate I got 10 jam.

I adore the Clone Wars soundtrack which I downloaded a few days back. I keep playing the Teth songs, cause I like them.

Even though I want the MCR masks I probably won't get them causa the insane customs charges people are having to pay. If I do get any it'd just be Bob's.

I started watching Angel Season 5 last night. After watching Buffy it got me in the mood (and I've never watched the last half of Angel so I've not seen puppet!Angel, Andrew or Illyria and I've only watched the first half once) so now I am. I'm also gonna get Season 4 next week, now I know I can use my card online right. That and Armor For Sleep.

I watched My Neighbour Totoro yesterday. It was good, but not as good as I thought it'd be. Still, there were some cutes things in it.

I wanna do another Jimmy fic, but I dunno who to put him with. Damn him.

The rocking chair's left the room, so I now have a bit more space to move.

Mum's new laptop came today, so I guess I'm roped into setting it up for here.

Au revoir.
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