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A Pretty Face With No Name

A Pretty Face With No Name
Pairing: Jimmy Urine/Jay James
POV: Jimmy
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Watersports
Notes: So I finally caved and did a Jimmy fic. Damn him

It was about two songs into the set that I noticed him watching us. He was short, with black hair and a sleeveless tee showing off his tattoos on each of his strong arms. The most noticeable thing about him was the expression on his face. It was one that said 'what the fuck am I seeing and hearing?' He looked vaguely familiar to me, like I'd seen him before recently. Perhaps he was in a band playing today, or at those awards. Whichever it was, he made my pants tighten.

That was good.


He stayed there until the end of the show, then turned to try and sneak away but I wasn't going to have that. I went after him, not bothering to tell the others where I was going. I went as quickly as I was able, able to catch up with him with surprising ease. Only not, since he was standing still. He was leaning up against a makeshift wall, a cigarette between his lips. I moved to stand before him, looking him right in the eyes.

"Don't you have any other fucking clothes?" He asked in a soft voice, a smile crossing his lips as smoke left them and circled the air between us.

"Not with me though. In hindsight not the best of ideas." He let out a slight laugh, taking another drag on his cigarette. "Who are you?"

"What do you care?" He replied in that same soft voice. He had an accent of a local, but this little country had far too many accents.

"I know your face..."

"You wouldn't know my name." He quickly cut me off, running his tongue over his lips. His pierced tongue. My cock twitched in my pants. "What the fuck was that out there anyway? Are you crazed?"

"I take it you've never seen us then." He shook his head slightly. That didn't surprise me, he didn't seem the type to come to one of our shows. "Cause that was pretty... normal for us."

"Nothing about you is normal." He grinned, flicking the last of his cigarette to the floor, extinguishing it with his booted foot. He reached a hand forward, running it over my chest lightly. "I mean, just look at you." He grabbed my tie, tugging on it lightly.

"Who are you?" I managed to ask again, my feet taking a step forward all on their own.

"I told you, you wouldn't know me. But I was at the awards." He leaned in close to me, pulling my face closer by my tie, then he licked my cheek."My very drunk bandmate was humping your guitarists leg."

"Ah Steve said something..." He kissed me hard, probably to shut me up, forcing his tongue into my mouth. I let my eyes lid slightly, content to let him explore my mouth with his soft, pierced flesh. When he pulled back a few minutes later I was breathless and so was he. "Wow..."

He leaned in close and whispered softly into my ear. "I think we should go somewhere more private?" I gulped, noting out of the corner of my eye that we were being watched. He winked at me, then released my tie and lead the way. I waited a moment to regain my composure, then went after him, casting my eyes on his nice round ass. I liked the way it wiggled as he moved. "Is your bus free?"

"Umm..." I thought for a moment, mentally imaging where we'd usually disperse to. "It should be."

"Good." He continued on, heading in the direction of the tour buses. He scanned them briefly, then picked ours out, heading right for it. He leaded me towards it, stopping in front of the door. He tapped his foot on the floor, waiting for me to input the code to open the door. I quickly did so, watching the door hiss open. He gestured for me to take over the lead, so I stepped inside first. Thankfully it was empty.

He rammed me against the wall, kissing me roughly as his hands started removing my clothes. He pulled back a little, panting softly. "You look better with freshly-spiked hair." He whispered softly against me, returning his lips to mine. I fumbled in the bunk I'd tossed my bag, reaching within for my hair gel. When he noticed he pulled back slightly. "Spike it up and put on some fishnets. Leave the tie." He licked my cheek, then step back, watching me as I moved towards a mirror. I could see him strip as I undid the lid of the jar, scooping out the gel and fashioning my hair into better spikes. I could barely keep my gaze on the mirror, stealing glances at his beautiful body, his upper half already bare. I hastily finished up the spikes then set the jar down and quickly removed my clothing

I left my tie on as he requested, though the rest of my clothes now lay on the floor. I rummaged through the bag, finding and sliding on whatever fishnets I could lay my hands on. There were a pair of arm-length gloves, but only a tight for my right leg. I turned my body toward him, my cock bobbing slightly before me. I hoped my appearance satisfied him. He licked his lips, nodding in approval, his own body now naked as well. His cock wasn't as long as mine, but it was thicker. His tip glistened not just with precum, but also with a silver ring.

I waited for further instruction from him, chewing my lower lip slightly. In his hand he held an empty plastic bottle which he must have picked up after stripping. "If you can fill this without going over then I'll let you fuck me." He handed it me, gripping my hair in the hand that had held it and my tie in the other, using both to push me to my knees. I shifted the bottle to my dick, willing it to go down enough to give him what I knew he wanted. I parted my lips and took his cock head between them, his fingers shifting to grip into my spikes. He slammed his cock fully down my throat, his full and heavy balls slapping against my chin. I noted them were pierced to as he began ramming me. My eyes lidded as I tried to soften, something made all the harder by how rough he was being.

I did manage though and it took all my concentration to do so. Once my dick was soft I slipped I into the opening of the bottle and started sucking him in earnest. I let out a sigh around him as I let go, starting to piss in the bottle as I suckled him, my fingers of my free hand fondling his balls. His cock pulsed on my tongue, his ring hitting my teeth whenever he pulled back. The sound of my golden fluid splashing in the bottle filled the air, clearly arousing him. He groaned, rolling his hips faster against my face. "Oh fuck... yes..." With a cry of pleasure and a sharp tug on my spikes he came down my throat, shooting in thick bursts. I swallowed all of his salty fluid, licking my lips as he moved back. "Mmmm you were good."

I smiled up at him, licking my lips and holding up my bottle. It was almost full of my pale yellow liquid and I couldn't help but watch it glisten in the light. I raised it to my lips, tipping the bottle up and swallowing a mouthful of the strong tasting fluid. "Fuck..." I rose slowly, still drinking it down. I'd done this before, both onstage and off so the taste didn't bother me. In fact, I quite liked it. Once I'd emptied it I tossed the bottle away, flipping him around and pushing him back against the wall.

"Now it's my turn to get off." I grinned, my dick already stiff again. I ran my hand through the spikes of my hair, collecting the gel on my fingers. I reached down, pushing two of them insistently into his beautiful asshole, listening to him groan at the intrusion. I didn't care, slamming them both deep into him. I licked at the lizard tattoo on his back, wiggling my slick fingers to open him up. I removed them quickly, replacing them with my renewed hardness. I gripped his sides, ramming into his clenching hole hard and fast, just as he'd used my mouth. "Oh you feel so good you little bitch, I bet you get fucked all the time by your band huh?"

He let out a soft moan, nodding slightly, almost unnoticeably. I could see marks on his ass from where nails had dug into the fleshy cheeks and knew what I said must be true. "I can feel it, the way you work your hot little ass. It's a practised ass." I reached up, turning his head around to crash my lips on his, wiggling my tongue into his mouth to let him taste the traces of piss that remained in my mouth. His tongue explored my mouth, clearly seeking out the taste. I increased my speed, my hips slamming against his cheeks. "Little slut." I whispered against his lips as I pulled back, licking them lightly. "Fucking whore." He was moaning too, his cock in hand as he stroked himself rapidly.

I shifted my lips back to his inked skin, lapping over the tattoo. "Take it whore... fucking slut... fuck!" I howled in pleasure as I came deep inside him, feeling his body convulse as he spilled his own load over the wall. I hoped it would dry into it, it would always remain as a reminder of what we did. I pulled out of him, licking the sweat from his armpit lightly. "So good."

"That was... you were... better then I'd have expected." I grinned wide, kissing his arm as he panted heavily.

"I get that a lot."

"I need a beer."

"Only if you make use of the bottle after." I winked at him, heading towards the bus's fridge, wiggling my ass as I did so. I could tell this would be a fun filled day. Especially when I saw him ram his fingers inside himself and bring them to his lips, sucking each beautiful digit clean. Maybe I could even get a name from him.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/jimmy urine, jimmy urine, mindless self indulgence, slash
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