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We're going to shag it

Padge amuses me saying they'll shag their table at the awards (Moose does too by saying they'll shit on it instead). Bullet are always amusing.

I've been watching Buffy Season 3 lately. I'm halfway through disc 5.

And he's still in my dreams. Should I seek help?

I'm just eating before I go to sort this charity shop thing. I hope it doesn't start raining. I should be back by 3 to pester people.

I hope money's in to get Kerrang tomorrow, cause I'll need it for the Bullet stuff. If not I'll scream.

Before I go though I'm doing this random picture post. Which is pretty much a squee post with images.

First off, there's a band called The*Ga*Ga*s that Tommy from Slaves To Gravity was in. When I saw this pic on last.fm I almost died. Why? Cause the guy next to him (I've no idea who he is) looks like he could be Jay's twin.

Next we have random Ian hips cause... just cause

Jay at Kerrang looking so damn hot (I dunno where Mikey found this pic).

I love The Blackout even more now causa this pic (and the fact that the Stormtroopers came onstage with them) How awesome/incredibly geeky is that?

A new pic from Bullet's cuffed shoot. Moose doesn't seem to care he ahs them on (maybe he's used to it... or drunk)

Bullet with their new award. Hurray! Jay's the only one not making a face

No explanation required

Why does he have to have a lightsaber? (And you know, kiss boys, shed clothes, wear fishnets and have a large bulge)

There should just be a big sign saying insert here there.

End little post. When I get back I'll probably watch the rest of Buffy. And probably do another post. I doubt I'll write anything else for awhile though. Unless I get something in mind.

Little edit: Why does the new Fall Out Boy cd mean 'a madness shared by two'?
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