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Into The Darkness Part 2

Into The Darkness
Pairing: Jay James/Padge
POV: Jay
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Blood, gore, killing, cannibalism, necrophilia, watersports, BDSM.
Notes: Finally here's part 2, there's probably gonna be 11 parts to this. I've got the future parts vaguely planned out so there should be at least 1 done a week if not more until it's done.
1: Charlie
2: Padge

I awoke, feeling Padge suckle on my erect dick. Most of my mornings started like this, with my little pet sucking on my dick. Padge always was a great cock sucker. I suspected it was in part due to how he wrapped his lips around beer bottles as he drained them dry. I shifted up the bed slightly, moaning at his action, my hand grabbing the remote for the tv. I flicked it on, closing my eyes as he sucked me faster. I merely listened to the sounds that came from the tv, flicking through the channels.

"....only £499 for this lovely..."

"Day fifteen in the..."

"Another three people have died in a carbomb..."

"What's the worst thing I could say?"

"...is the first British person to be killed by the killer only known as Eyeless." I opened my eyes little, gripping the back of Padge's head as my hips thrust up. Fellow killers always piqued my interest. Supposedly there were roughly a hundred serial killers around the world. Most were fools. "This killer works primarily in the Las Vegas area of Nevada and always removes the eyes of his victims, hence the name. So far all his victims are male, so police are assuming that he's a homo..." I bucked my hips up hard against Padge's face, my precum drooling onto his tongue. My eyes lidded and I knew I was getting close, picturing a faceless man gouging out the eyes of his victims. I came in hot spurts down the back of his throat, turning off the tv before it could change to a different story.

I smiled to myself as Padge swallowed it all, pulling away slightly when my hand let go of his hair. He didn't leave my cock completely though, but waited for it to soften. After a few moments I released, flooding his mouth with my morning piss, which he gratefully swallowed. I kept my gaze on his throat as he gulped it down, smiling at how good he was. He was a very obedient pet, who loved everything I did to him. Sometimes he even begged for more. My eyes trailed down his body, to his crotch. His dick was hard as a rock, but I knew it was unlikely to cum. I'd half castrated him when I first got him, leaving him with one ball which I carefully sewn within him after a year. Sometimes I considered letting it out again, though I hadn't as yet.

I pushed him off me once I'd finished, then laid still for a few moments, contemplating my day. Today would be spent dealing with Charlie's body. Mostly. I glanced at the clock on the wall, noting that it was 11:57. I slipped out of bed, turning to Padge as I stood. "Follow." Padge nodded and crawled after me as I left the room, heading back downstairs to the freezer where Charlie remained. Well, what was left of him I pulled out a bag of Charlie's meat, humming softly and carrying it over to a mincer. I dumped it inside it, turning the handle and watching as it went through. In the end, all we are is meat. I watched as it landed on the bowl I kept under it, then turned to Padge. "Rise."

Padge nodded and stood, awaiting further instruction. I handed him the bowl when it was full with the minced raw flesh. "For downstairs." He nodded again, taking it and leaving the room. I heard another door open and close, signalling he'd gone down into the basement. Below this house was a basement that I used as a dungeon. Sometimes I liked to keep fresh meat on hand or even fatten guys up. Sometimes I liked the look of them enough to keep as a pet down there. Only one remained there indefinitely thus far.

I moved towards the wall again, switching on the stereo there and humming along before starting my work.


When I left the room it was 2:15. Charlie's head was affixed to a trophy plaque and his meat was now better organised for my consumption. Padge had returned to me after a few minutes, so I'd given him one of the kidneys as a treat. I washed my hands in the bathroom, cleansing the thick blood from them. I could smell the scent of cooked meat and knew Padge was doing it for me. He was sweet sometimes, though I knew he only wanted me to be happy. It was how I'd trained him. I dried my hands, then headed into the dining room, hanging Chalrlie's head on one of the hooks on the wall. His was the fifth such head to grace these walls. I smiled to myself, awaiting for Padge to come bring me my food.

To anyone else we'd appear to be a couple, but we weren't. I lusted after Padge and I shared a certain degree of fondness for him, but I didn't love him. I'd given up on such things. Love was a glamorised, overrated emotion. I'd seen what it did to people. A sizeable portion of my victims were spurned lovers or ones that had escaped from dead or abusive relationships. Love never lasted and on the rare occasion it did it became hollow. Like a rotting fruit.

Padge came in, smiling and coming over with a plate. He placed it before me, before sliding to his knees beside me. I picked up the knife and fork he'd left on the table, then start to eat. Padge was a surprisingly good cook, a talent that many people wouldn't guess by looking at him. I'd never guessed it either, until I'd allowed him to try. Now he always did the cooking for me. I quickly ate it all, not having realised how hungry I was. Charlie's taste was amazing. "That was very nice." I petted his head lightly as a sign of thanks, then glanced at my new prize on the wall. His lips were parted, mostly as I got overexcited while I was working on him. I couldn't help it. Dead boys always had such pretty lips.

I ran a hand through my hair, then stood up and gestured for him to follow. He crawled behind me as I left the room, went down the hall and back upstairs. Instead of going into my bedroom we I entered the room across from it. This room could be called a bedroom, since it did have a bed, though it's purpose wasn't for sleeping. Hooks hung from the ceiling and shackles dangled from various points on the room's crimson walls. Along one wall were several sets of drawers and a wardrobe, all containing whatever items I could possibly want to use in here. This was originally the master bedroom of the house, but I had no desire for the extra space in my room, so I converted it to a playroom. Padge gazed at me, awaiting instruction. There was never any standard procedure for what I did to him in here. Sometimes I whipped him, sometimes I burned him while other times I just used toys on him. Today I wasn't really in the mood for any of those.

I opened two drawers. From one I pulled out a dildo about the same size as my cock and from the other I removed a rubber bag large enough to fit him. I tossed both in his direction and took a seat in the worn armchair that sat before the black tinted windows. He grasped the rubber shaft in his deformed hands, bringing it to his mouth and starting to suck on it, his throat bulging as he took it. I licked my lips, knowing his tongue was working on covering it with saliva. He kept it up, bobbing his head up and down the black shaft, for several minutes before he pulled it away completely. He lifted it behind himself, turning around to let me watch as he pushed it deep between his hairy cheeks. He let out a soft groan as it entered him, sliding deep into his dirty passage. Once it was fully inside he worked on the bag, opening it up and crawling inside, turning once he was within it so his head was facing the opening.

I rose from my seat, coming over to him and sealing the bag, raising it up easily and attaching it to one of the hooks. I stepped back, waiting a few moments for him to squirm inside to get used to his position. Once he stopped moving I ball my hands into fists and started to punch the bag. He made small groans from each of my hits, but didn't even try to move away. He was too obedient to do that. Steadily my punches became harder and faster, hitting a different place on the bag with each blow. I circled the bag, as I did so, making sure to hit him all over before I changed it to kicks. My kicks were softer then the punches barefoot, but my boots evened things out when I wore them. I did the same circuit as before, then stopped before him with a smile. I panted softly for a few seconds, then punched him twice more, deciding that would be enough for now.

Often I did this for much longer, but I'd used a considerable amount of energy on Charlie. I lifted the bag up off the hook, lowering it slightly before letting it drop to the floor. I sat back down, watching him as he wiggled out of the rubber and crawled over to me, fresh bruises blossoming in deep purple over his body. He smiled up at me, pain and lust clear in his eyes. "Take it out." He nodded and turned around, reaching back and removing the dildo from himself. He raised it to his lips, the shaft streaked with brown and slight red. He swallowed it in the same way as before, his mouth slurping around the rubber.

I stood up and took position behind him, taking my thick member in hand. I prised his cheeks wide apart, then spat on his open hole briefly before ramming fully into him. I heard him moan around the dildo as my hips slammed against his arse. I released his cheeks, shifting my hands to claw at his back while I slammed into him roughly. This was exactly how he liked it, even before I made him my pet. He always was a kinky fucker. I groaned, making my thrusts as erratic and random as possible. Sweat dripped down from my body to his, while I pummelled him hard and fast. I scratched at his back as I his hole squeezed me tight. I spat on his neck, my heavy balls slapping against his ass with each movement of my hips.

It never took me long to orgasm within him and I spent a few more thrusts riding it out while I moaned in pleasure. I pulled out of him, watching his opening twitch a few times. So hot. I moved away, removing the dildo from his mouth and throwing it onto the bed. I panted softly, leading the way out to my room, flopping down onto the large bed. I reached into the mini fridge beside it, pulling out a pair of beers and setting the bottles on the bed, elbowing the door shut. "Here, a treat." I tossed one bottle to him, while he caught with a smile. I opened my own, then flicked on the tv, laying back on the bed.

Things were good.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/padge, padge, slash
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