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You're the respectable one remember?

I have a complaint about the Kylie show: it missed out a whole segment and at least one other song. I guess they had to cut it to fit in the time, but still... it's wrong.

Most of the Kerrang 25 were eh. There was Bullet, Muse, Lostprophets, Linkin Park and others though.

Now onto the awards. First, the Kerrang site lied to us (30 Seconds said no Croatian). bad site. Jay was cute when they presented their award. Standing as far from the mic as possible as he knows he won't be able to talk. However, Jay is the man with a plan. After they won their award he was the only one sober enough to interview. I suspect he did that just so he could talk (and be adorable and awesome as always). Shannon amused me. Putting his hand on Alex Zanes and being able to talk. Where's Robb's septum piercing? Fuck off whore. Yay for Omar talking (but why didn't Alex?). Cristina lost a glove.

The aftershow (although shown for a short time) amused me. Padge tried to say something but failed (and Matt swas behind him being amusing and poking his head out). Then Padge managed to say that he'd drink all of the booze on their table. Then he hit the camera. Steve is trying to be attractive. Charlie was with someone from Funeral For A Friend (I think his name was Darren... anyway, he was a cute emo) and I totally got the vibe off 'this is my bitch, I'm fucking him later'. Ahh, brilliant.

People awol in the aftershow party:
*Dan and Alex

Mum amused me. At the arrivals she asked who Jared was an she thought he was from MCR. Ahh the idiot.
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