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Make the floor pop up

Jay's so awesome I'm so glad the BBC put this online, I'm not even half through yet and it's awesome. Jay's so cute. He's so brilliant. I love how he sings. And he looks so sexy. And he's adorable laughing with Padge.

Sigh. Why won't my head stop with the dreams already? I blame Mikey.

There's a load of caterpillars outside. They're so cute.

Someone on wiki posted that Gerard had divorced her. It's gone now so it's sadly probably not true. Damn.

After this post I'm going away till late. Cause first there's Kylie, then there's a short break followed by the top 25 Kerrang award winners and the awards itself. The awards is only on for an hour, so probably no afterparty stuff. I should be back after 10.

Before I go, there's the last two friday fives.

Last weeks:

1. MCR play a six song set and you get to choose the songs. Any song from any album or b-side, what's your set?
Ghost Of You, Mama, Vampires, Desert Song, My Way Home Is Through You, Helena.
That wasn't as hard as I expected.

2. MCR get put in to the 'Big Brother' house, who is most likey to; cry first, get naked, try to escape, win.
gerard'd probably cry, Frank'd get naked. Bob might try and escape the cameras. Ray'd probably win. Or Bob if his escape fails.

3. MCR are told to dress up as a famous boyband for halloween, who would they dress up as and who would be what member?
I dunno any 5 member boybands. *thinks* I dunno. Ohh is there five in the Backstreet Boys? Cause they could dress like them in that video.

4. What is your favourite MCR poster and why?
*looks around at walls* You know, I've got no idea. Maybe the schoolboy one.

5. Which MCR member do you think owns the most clothes and why?
Gerard, cause... I dunno why, he just looks like a hoarder of clothing.

This weeks:

1: Do you have a favourite MCR interview? What is it and why?
The one that comes to mind is one in Blender. They bring up slash to Gerard. And Waycest.

2: Will you be buying the next series of Umbrella Academy when it comes out?
Of course! I'll try and get it on first day of release again.

3: How do you feel about the boys finally taking some time off?
I'm glad they are. They've needed to sstop for awhile now I think

4: Will you be/have you seen Leathermouth? If you've seen them, what do you think of them?

5: Have MCR ever inspired you to do something new/that you hadn't thought of before?
I dunno (it's embaressing to have come up with a queston without having an answer). I guess one of the main things is listening to other bands, a lot of which I'd never heard of before them (and a fair few from that Kerrang cd they did ages ago, Bob's choices were awesome). Another is going to new places alone. Like for Give It A Name and when I've went down London.

And with that, I go. I'll have my notepad with me to write if I get inspired. When I return I'll do a squee post over it all.
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