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The Howling

The Howling
Pairing: wolf!Link/Shad
Rating: NC-17
POV: Shad
Warnings: Werewolf sex
Notes:: This is the last of the ficlets.

The creature on top of me snarled, saliva dripping onto my face while it's claws tore at my clothes. I hadn't believed such a creature existed until it had pounced upon me. It appeared to be a wolf, although it was larger then most and had a glimmer of intelligence in it's bright blue eyes. Also it had what looked like a shackle around one leg. It growled, pressing it's furry body against me as it did so. I could feel his erection against my thigh, the creature obviously both aroused and male. Perhaps if I offered myself it would release me.

I spread my legs as best I could hoping he'd take the hint. His eyes flickered with intelligence again, mixed with lust. He moved his claws down to rip open my lower coverings. Despite his claws being so sharp he did surprsingly little damage to my body. He grunted at me, lifting off my body enough for me to roll on my stomach. As soon as I was in position he slammed hard into me, making me cry out loud into the night. I could feel his large member tear me open, blood spilling frommy body to cover him. His claws dug into my back as he pounded me, howling into the night.

My eyes lidded, my own dick starting to stiffen as his speed increased. My hardness rubbed against the grass, my fingers digging into the dirt to stop me from touching myself. He kept ramming me hard, every other thrust accompanied by a howl. I wondered absently if anyone could possibly hear him and come to my aid, but I knew there was no one near here. Also there was the fact that few people actually would help, even the guards of the royal family were cowards. I just had to hope this beast wouldn't kill me.

My right hand shifted down my body, unable to withstand the temptation to touch myself. I wrapped my fingers around my shaft, tugging it roughly. He grunted in apparent approval, slamming his furry hips against my ass even harder. My eyes lidded as I came, spilling over the ground before me with a low moan. My hole twitched around him tightly, causing him to release a sound that sounded like a moan. I felt his cock expand inside me by at least an extra inch, splitting me open even further. I felt myself get more light headed from the extra blood loss, then he growled louder and came deep inside me. As he did so my vision turned to black.


I woke up, blinking at the sunlight of a new day. I picked my glasses off the ground and put them on, slowly standing up. My body ached, especially my ass. Well, I was alive so that was something. I pulled up the remains of my clothes and staggered towards the Castle Town.
Tags: fic, shad, shad/wolf!link, slash, the legend of zelda, wolf!link
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