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In The Water

In The Water
Pairing: Link/Ralis
Rating: NC-17
POV: Link
Notes: Another ficlet

When he said he'd do anything for me, I'd never realised that included sexual things. It was the third time that I came to him now and I had my lower half submerged in the water. There he was underwater and between my legs, sucking my turgid shaft. His hands stroked my bare thighs as his head bobbed up an down rapidly, making me moan in pleasure. I kept looking down at him, trying to work out if this was doing anything for him. too. Unfortunately, I had no idea how Zora shown arousal, so I'd no idea what to look for. Soon I was past caring, his fingers groping my sac under the water. I tipped my head back, pushing my hips against his face hard, my curly pubic hair rubbing against him. My hands moved down to him, stroking the curve of his head gently. I resisted the urge to dig my nails into him, unsure of the damage it could do to him. I moaned louder, the sound echoing around the cavern. "Ralis..." I let out a soft cry, spilling down the back of his throat.

I panted softly, laying back and removing my hands from him. He slide of my length slowly, pulling back and popping his head out of the water. He looked quite beautiful wet. "Did I do a good job?" He asked as he spoke softly and I realised he was probably as clueless about my body as I was about his.

I smiled and stroked his face lightly. "Amazing." I first blow job had been nothing like I imagined.
Tags: fic, link, link/ralis, ralis, slash, the legend of zelda
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